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Recent Testimonials of Nicholas Yust's Metal Art & the Services of ModernAbstractDecor.com

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"Wow! This was such a big surprise, I don't even know what to say!! First, I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really, really appreciate this! I have been a big fan and I am so happy to get to have this piece of art in my living room. I know that every piece of art takes time and thought so please tell Nicholas that I said Thank You and I will ALWAYS cherish it! :) It really made my day and you will always have my support. I love all the colors of the Vibe Clocks! My favorite one is the green and blue mixed, but I love anything in greens, blues or purples. :) I can't wait to show it off! Thanks again!!"
- Angelique Adams (recent contest winner on our Facebook page)

"It's finally arrived today, it is nothing short of spectacular !!!! Please tell Nicholas his special gift has been worth the wait. Thanks so much,"
- Francis, OH

"I wanted to let you know that A.R.T. installed my Fusion pieces yesterday. They look beautiful, thank you so much for all your help. (see photos attached) Please also let Nicholas know that the Art Resource Team (A.R.T.), Inez Baird and husband Tony, did an excellent job of installing. I would highly recommend them. Thanks again for working with me to get exactly what I wanted. Your time and attention was very much appreciated. I LOVE it !!!"
- Eileen, OH

"We received our art pieces May 28th and we love them! Someone is hanging them for me today. Eric, I will take pictures and send them to you. It was a pleasure doing business with someone so professional and proficient, you do not get a lot of that these days!! I will certainly recommend Nicholas’s art to anyone interested in purchasing modern art. Until next time take care,"
-Elizabeth, VA

"Congratulations on the artwork placement at the “Revolution” set. Several people around here found that to be most exciting – the new artwork has really brightened the atmosphere in our building and it is fun to see it in such a high profile tv series. " -Becky, TX

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the artist (Nicholas) for the metal art piece. I had some reservations about buying a piece like this online... a lot of money, and you never know what you are going to get. Any reservations I had went out the window when I hung it on the wall. It is everything we (my wife and I) had hoped. We have been looking for something to fill a particular space in our home for some time, and finally found exactly what we needed. Beautiful work!!! "
-Ale, US

"Just a quick note to say thank you for sending the piece I ordered so quickly. It arrived today, was expertly wrapped and padded so arrived in perfect condition."
-Patricia D., AU

"The clocks are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love to decorate the house and I have a lot of unique items that people compliment me for... They've never seen anything like this or that, how do I find these things... I've been told quite a few times that they could just sit and look around for hours. Someone this summer told me if she lived here she'd never leave the house. But of all my treasures these are by far the most beautiful of all. You do such unique work and I appreciate it every time I look at the clocks.
Don't be surprised if you hear from me again in the future... :-)
Thank you again!"

-Susan L., USA

"I am so thankful for such caring people like you guys!!!!!!!! I know i want a piece of his work even more now that I know he is so caring makes a difference!!! Give him a big

hug for me!! Cant wait to see it!!!"
-Vickie H., IA

"It is so lovely to tell you that I received the metal sculpture last Thursday. I was very nervous as I have unwrapped it. It completely satisfy my conception. Nicholas has done a magnificent work. My husband and I are truly impressed. I placed it on the wall where the natural light can reflect on the metal sculpture. Depends on the day light the tree on the cooper metal and his nature shine in different tones. Sometimes it seems the tree would become to life and the leaves would sway in the wind. Amazing! I’m so happy that I came across Nicholas web-site to find “My own tree of life.”

Thanks again, Holly, for your quick and friendly respond every time. I wish you and Nicholas all the best for the future and furthermore much success in his work. Warm

-Franziska, AU

"I just wanted to let you know my son helped me install this piece and it looks amazing. Please pass my appreciation on to Nicholas for his great work!"
-Bruce R., AZ

"I just wanted to thank you, because it really looks great in our Spa and a lot of clients ask me where I got it from. Thanks so much and you can be sure I’ll keep decorating the Spa in the near future :-) "
-Natalia F., Domincan Republic

"The sculpture arrived safely! Tell Nicholas that it's fantastic! I am really pleased. "
-Randy L., CA

"Your sculpture looks phenomenal in our living room! Thanks Nicholas!"
-Kay G, Perth AU

Modern Abstract Decor Testimonial - Office Art

"The Art work arrived safely in Australia and we think it is fabulous and worth the wait. I am holding it in its approximate location where the wall is going to be installed soon. This is catching the afternoon sun as it is setting, as I said it looks amazing - boy does it sparkle, I tell you this will be the centre piece of the area."
-Ash, AU

"This work is amazing! Especially to grind all of the wall art by hand."
-Joe, USA

"I received the copper panel today and I am so very happy with it...Thank you again and please be sure once again to send my appreciation to the artist. It's been a pleasure working with you."
-Beth B., NY

"Thank you very much for sending that sculpture to me as I received it today and it looks great. I know I definitely will be ordering from you again soon :) Its been great dealing with you both...The art looks as good as it does as the website!"
-Julie R., Perth, W. AU

"Mr. Yust,
Not very often do I see a piece of artwork that grabs my attention as much as yours have. And not just one or two pieces, but the entire site as a whole, the philosopy of your art.. Just thought I would drop you a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed just looking at what you have created. Artists rarely if ever get to hear words of praise or encouragement, so I thought I would do something about that. Your art accomplishes what all good art should, it is simple, beautiful, and in the mind of the viewer (in this case me...) creates a single viceral reaction..... that screams just one word.... and that word is "YES!!!!" :)"


"The metal artwork arrived last night and the piece looks great! Thanks for all the help in expediting. It was a pleasure working with you!"
-Kim K., CO

"We received the piece yesterday & couldn’t be happier! It is beautiful & coordinates perfectly in the space & room. Thank you so much for your attention to detail."
-Faith G., NY

"We received our artwork yesterday. We are very happy! It was packed perfectly and is now hanging on our office walls (in time for our important meeting on Thursday)."
-Jennifer G., IL

"Your designs are beautiful..."
-Joanne L.

"What can I say about the picture... WOW, it's just so intense. Just like I want it. You really feel you are beeing sucked right into it. If you stare long enough at it you start to feel like you are being warped into another dimension :-D
This is definitely not the last time I'm buying from you. All the way through you have been so professional, and I really feel I have full value for my money."

-T. Andersen, Denmark
*Tantalum Sculpture

Metal Wall Art in Living Room

"The five-panel wall sculpture (Fusion) has arrived safely in Cairns! It is absolutely fantastic - we are so delighted. We are currently contemplating how to display it to best effect - and then we'll just wait for the compliments. I have already been on to Nicholas' website to see what I may buy next... Thank you so much for your easy communication and friendly manner."
-Carol F.

"I received Winters Terrace - landscape artwork yesterday and am extremely happy. Although the photos on your website are great the piece exceeded my expectations upon delivery! Nicholas certainly has talent! My thanks to you both for your work, communication and excellent packaging and shipping. I am certain to return to your site for further purchases in the future!"
-Elizabeth L.

"Your art is incredible...I think your stuff is so great"
-E. Hernandez

"Love your art! Stunning!"
-Christi N.

Metal Wall Clock in Living Room

"FANTASTIC!!!!! So far everyone LOVES the display and LOVES the added piece…Tell Nicholas is AMAZING"
-Katie H., CT

"This should feed my addiction for a while! With all due respect to you and Nicholas I will be banishing myself from your site for a while!...Thanks for your talent Nicholas."
-Melissa B., New South Wales, AU

"Just got the wall sculpture. Love it!"
-Joanne R.

"I just bought two of your outstanding wall sculptures"
-Sukhi J., Reno NV

"These pieces are so pleasing to me because they are so organic. Recognizable to the heart but new to the eye"
-Rebecca D.

"Love your pure metal art work!"
-Don L., Holland MI

"I really LOVE your work, and your style is exactly what I'm looking for"
-Eric H.

"I stumbled upon your website and couldn’t believe how unique your artwork is!"
- Itai G.

"Wow... your metal work is jaw-dropping impressive!"
-Sam J., AU

"Exquisite artwork; Packaged with great care. Will definitely buy again!!"
-Thelma K., Victoria AU

"I can't tell you how happy we are that we found Nicholas Yust's artwork."
-Dave G.

"I received my artwork today. Thank you very much - It's great!"
-Lisa W., Queensland, AU

"Nicholas, You Rock!! Great Work, Perfectly Packaged, .....BRILLIANT!!"
-Mykel M., Queensland, AU

"Great communication, quick postage, easy to deal with, Beautiful art!"
-Celeste M., Dawesville, AU

"I have received my Nicholas Yust wall sculpture and it is simply stunning! Thank you for packaging it with such care."
-T. Kilikidis, AU

"We took delivery of Polar Attraction today. We are just thrilled with it , what a beautiful piece of art!! It looked fantastic on the website, but it is even better in the 'metal'. Nicholas is certainly a very talented artist!!!! "
-Julie H., Queensland, AU