• Universal applications
  • Also known as a 'French Cleat'
  • Note that you may be able to use multiple smaller bars rather than one large bar, depending on the application
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    The 'Z-Bar' is a fairly common bracket used to securely hang heavy artwork, mirrors, signs and wall decor. Although custom-tailored for our metal wall art, this zbar has universal application. When secured to the wall into a stud (or with drywall screws if stud is not accessible,) the z-bar mounting bracket is capable of holding significant weight without sagging. This particular z-bracket has been custom-tailored for our artwork, however we have made it generic enough to be used with all different kinds of wall art and home decor.

    Our hanging bracket is easy to install: simply insert a screw into one of the holes and screw it almost snug against the wall, then level the top of the z-bar and insert the other screw(s).

    Free Shipping only applies if purchased with corresponding artwork.
    Always make sure your mounting brackets (attached to the back of your artwork, mirror, sign, etc) are also securely fastened and capable of supporting the necessary weight.