FIRE & ICE - Dip-Painted Metal Art by Nicholas Yust
  • Overall Dimensions: 38x12 inches
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint on Metal
  • Technique: 'Liquid Fusion' Dip-Painted Style
Price: $1,480.00

    Status: Custom Made - Usually ships in 4-6 Weeks (Please contact us if you have a tighter deadline)
    Item Number: NY0548M

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    Fire & Ice is a stunning representation of Nicholas's signature 'Liquid Fusion' painting style, incorporating rich orange and black coloring, with a charcoal spread and a blue/purple accent. This particular painting style involves a careful procedure of swirling custom paint colors and floating them on a mixed water surface, then dipping a prepared metal panel with a treated surface through the swirls and layers of color to produce an entirely organic, fluid work of art. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Unlike Nicholas's other painting styles, the design is impossible to even remotely duplicate and is therefore 100% unique every time. He can incorporate a similar color scheme, but the finished artwork will share nothing in common with the original photo save the similarity in color...