AS THE RUSH COMES - Abstract Metal Painting by Nicholas Yust
  • Overall Dimensions: 48"W x 24"H x 1"D
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint on Metal
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
Price: $2,440.00

    Status: Custom Made - Usually ships in 4-6 Weeks (Please contact us if you have a tighter deadline)
    Item Number: NY0475M

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    If you’re looking for modern art, this piece is as modern as they come. ‘As the Rush Comes’ is one of the newest pieces of experimental modern metal art done by the artist Nicholas Yust. Nicholas is always looking for innovative ideas and is constantly progressing as an artist, developing and expanding his signature methods. If you are familiar with his work, you will immediately notice that his is unlike anything that he has ever created. But if you look closely, you will see that this abstract opaque acrylic painting is done on a sheet of hand-ground aluminum.

    As is to be expected of the artist, standard mediums just don’t cut it here. By creating unique textures combining metal and thick acrylics, Nicholas has created a texture that a brush and canvas could not quite replicate. The shades of white, red, orange, turquoise, yellow, black and grey create an exciting motion that keeps you wanting more.

    You may see many things as you study this modern metal painting – thus is the beauty of abstract expressionism. Whether you see a sunset across a lake, or rain falling on a city street when you look at this piece, one thing is for certain: this is a work of sheer genius. The colors seen in the vertical grind and brush patterns in the top portion of the image are clearly reflected in the horizontal strokes at the bottom.

    This sophisticated piece of modern decor is versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any design. Displayed in an office, it will look professional and classy - but you can also use it to add a sense of flair in your home. Pair it with colors to bring out energy and personality, or dress it down with neutrals and dark tones to fill the room with a cool, calm vibe.