THE FIRE WITHIN V2 - Industrial Artwork by Nicholas Yust
  • Overall Dimensions: 48"W x 48"H x 1"D
  • Medium: Pure Copper, Original Metal Art
  • Finish: Glossy Automotive Clear Coat to Seal Copper & Maintain Color
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
Price: $5,180.00

    Status: Custom Made - Usually ships in 4-6 Weeks (Please contact us if you have a tighter deadline)
    Item Number: NY0723M

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    Nicholas recently came up with the concept for "The Fire Within" after some uniquely torn paper on a contrasting background caught his eye. He took the inspiration to the studio and brought the effect to life in an utterly spectacular way. The pure copper back panel features a wavy, vertical grind pattern that creates an impossible perception of rippled texture. It is patiently torch-colored at precise temperatures to create gorgeous burnt reds, oranges, purples, and blues in a natural patina. The front panel is crafted from stainless steel with intentional marring, smoked edges, and industrial finishes to give the piece an edgy appearance, and to accentuate the ripping concept as the metal seems to be frozen in time during an explosive separation.