• Overall Dimensions: 34"W x 26"H x 1"D (10x26 per panel)
  • Medium: Pure Copper, Original Metal Art
  • Finish: Glossy Automotive Clear Coat to Seal Copper & Maintain Color
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
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Sale: $1,932.00
You Save: $828.00 (30.0%)
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Item Number: NY0479M

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Multi-paneled home decor has always been trendy, but it is especially popular today. Of course Nicholas Yust creates some of the most innovative displays on the market. He is truly creative when it comes to designing and sculpting modern interpretations of classic, traditional ideas. ‘Barren Season’ is a magnificent multi-paneled sculpture that is certain to take your breath away.

One of only a handful of his works that feature two different types of metal in one design, this masterpiece is made perfect by the contrasting colors of copper and aluminum. The aluminum layer, which is the bottom of the two, features a multi-directional grind pattern which gives the piece dimension. The copper layer sits directly on top of the aluminum and features three bare winter trees which have been carefully etched by hand.

The gorgeous yet simple design of ‘Barren Season’ subtly reminds us of the beauty that can be found even during hardest of times. The winter season is often viewed as being depressing, as the last signs of life fall from the branches of the trees. As you can see in this gorgeous hand-etched design, the “barren” winter season can mark the beginning of new life. The trees depicted in these images are clean slates, ready to take on the world and see new growth. Just as these trees have to be stripped of their leaves, we often have to be torn down in life in order to find new beginnings. Don’t forget to see the beauty during the barren season…

While this piece is one that will be enjoyed in any sort of light, mingled with any type of decor, you will certainly want to place it some place where it can be touched by the natural light of the sun. You will love to watch the trees come to life as the sun gracefully dances across their branches throughout the day.

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Barren Season

It is so lovely to tell you that I received the metal sculpture last Thursday. I was very nervous as I have unwrapped it. It completely satisfy my conception. Nicholas has done a magnificent work. My husband and I are truly impressed. I placed it on the wall where the natural light can reflect on the metal sculpture. Depends on the day light the tree on the cooper metal and his nature shine in different tones. Sometimes it seems the tree would become to life and the leaves would sway in the wind. Amazing! I?m so happy that I came across Nicholas web-site to find ?My own tree of life?. Thanks again, Holly, for your quick and friendly respond every time. I wish you and Nicholas all the best for the future and furthermore much success in his work.