CATENITA - Silver Metal Sculpture by Nicholas Yust
  • CATENITA - Silver Metal Sculpture by Nicholas Yust
  • NY0066M - Metal Art by Nicholas Yust, Alternate Angle 1
  • Overall Dimensions: 26"H x 8"W x 8"D
  • Medium: Original Metal Art
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
Price: $980.00

    Status: Custom Made - Usually ships in 4-6 Weeks (Please contact us if you have a tighter deadline)
    Item Number: NY0066M

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    Catenita is a spectacular metal sculpture that manages to capture both feminine elegance and masculine authority. The striking and attractive shape seems to make a statement to the viewe, that artwork, like people, can mold, adjust, adapt and command attention from every angle and point of view without thought to assigned labels or physical limitations. This metal masterpiece is bent and molded to shape purely by hand, in the hands of a master, and has become one of Nicholas's most appreciated contemporary metal sculptures.