• Overall Dimensions: 24"W x 36"H x 2"D
  • Medium: Pure Copper, Original Metal Art
  • Finish: Glossy Automotive Clear Coat to Seal Copper & Maintain Color
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
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Sale: $2,562.00
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Item Number: NY0550M

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Created using a new process taken on by Nicholas Yust, this incredible contrast of fiery copper and silver-brushed aluminum was designed with the use of a hand-held plasma cutter. The sheets of aluminum and copper were individually ground with precise patterns to create the spectacular details found in the finished product. The copper background was ground to create the swirls of light and dark shades, which would become the bark of the tree. The tree was hand carved in a sheet of silver-brushed, hand-ground aluminum prior to being placed on top of the sheet of copper, resulting in gorgeous metal tree decor.

The waves that are hand-ground into the aluminum background may suggest a blowing breeze, sand, or even the still cushion of soft clouds. The roots of the copper tree suggest age and timeless wisdom. This incredible masterpiece inspires a wide range of emotions. You might even find that each time you stop to look at this hand carved metal wall sculpture, you see it differently based on the way that you feel as you approach it. It might present a calm tranquility one moment, and a fiery passion the very next.

‘Fire Lake’ is one of Nicholas’s most innovative works yet. His use of the natural colors of two sheets of metal to create one perfect image is nothing short of genius. He is constantly looking forward to find new ways to create art, but he never steers far from his signature style. Click through the pictures in the gallery to get a close up look at this beautiful copper tree.

This piece is one of many which can be custom ordered. Contact us with special requests, including size and material options, Nicholas is always open to creating varieties that work for the needs of each client. ‘Fire Lake’ is just the sort of piece that you need to complete your art collection.