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Feel free to browse some of our archived newsletters (see bottom of page) to get an idea of the type of information we send out and the frequency that we email. You will be pleased to know that we only send out the most relevant and useful information, announcing new releases, upcoming events, exclusive discounts, and "first dibs" opportunities to our subscribers. We always love your feedback and we welcome responses with questions or comments when we send out our emails. You can also engage with us on our Facebook page and through various other social media channels (our profile/handle is typically @moderncrowd as that is our parent company name.) We want to make ourselves available to you, and open up as many lines of communication as needed to stay in touch.

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If you take the opportunity to browse through a few of our previous newsletters, hopefully you will noticed that we try to keep them quick and concise, with big announcements, helpful information, and first dibs on new designs, 1-of-a-kinds, and seasonal sales. We try to limit our email blasts to about once or twice per month, so you never feel like we are bombarding your inbox.

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