• Size: 48W x 24H x 1D (inches)
  • Medium: Etched & Painted Aluminum
  • Colors: Gold, Green, Beige, Charcoal
  • Genre: Modern, Contemporary, Abstract
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    Item Number: NYT0177

    Hypertherm is a recent addition to Nicholas Yust's Black Label collection, with a striking starburst pattern that draws the viewer in and captivates the room. It is crafted from aerospace grad aluminum, acrylic paint, and an indoor/outdoor protective clear coat finish. The design and patterning shown in the photograph is ground into the surface of the aluminum behind semi-transparent acrylics, allowing the grinds to show through the color and create a holographic effect. The acrylic coloring is applied in various layers with intentional reactive treatments for the very organic, fluid, and ethereal finish that creates a gorgeous artistic statement in any setting. Effective lighting will exaggerate the reflective grind patterns and enhance the depth and dimension of the piece.
    • Overall Dimensions: 48W x 24H x 1D (inches)
    • 100% Hand-Crafted by Nicholas Yust
    • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Placement
    • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
    • Light-receptive metal grind pattern etched into the metal (behind the blackened vignette) creates a holographic effect in the artwork