General Product Info

General Info: Both Wall-Hanging and Free-Standing Sculptures
The metal panels used in Nicholas Yust's metal artwork are fabricated from high quality, heavy gauge, industrial and/or aerospace-grade aluminum, various gauges of steel, pure copper, bronze, and other materials. The textured metallic surfaces and grind patterns are created using several signature sanding, grinding and polishing techniques developed and perfected by the artist himself. Nearly every piece is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - either the materials are inherently weather-resistant, or they are treated with an automotive clear-coat after completion to make them such.

Hanging/Mounting Hardware on Your Panels
U-shaped mounting brackets (and similar spacers) are included with your wall-hanging metal sculptures (centered and attached to the back of each panel) and the sculpture comes ready to hang at your home, office or business. Generally all you will need is a set of nails, screws, and/or drywall anchors. MonkeyHooks also work well. We offer zBars and/or locking brackets for more secure mounting in high-traffic areas. See more info here on how to hang your metal art.

Guaranteed Metal Shine
Our expert gallery staff meticulously pads and packages each piece with custom packing tailored to the specific item ordered to ensure safe transit (view our Metal Artwork Shipping Page for more details). All of our artwork is shipped 100% insured as well, so in the rare event that the carrier damages the piece in transit, please photograph the damage (to the artwork and the box) and contact us with the information immediately so we can process a claim for the item to be replaced at the expense of the carrier.

Artwork Lighting Techniques
We photograph the artwork in our gallery using either quartz halogen or fluorescent bulbs. Quartz halogen bulbs are commonly found in track lighting and they produce a softer, golden tone in the metal. Fluorescent bulbs tend to produce a sharper reflection, with white/silver/chrome tones. See more information here on how to illuminate your metal art.

Maintenance & Care
Although the sculptures are created from metal which is naturally more durable than canvas, clay or other materials, they should still be handled and treated as you would any other fine art. Excessive touch, rubbing, scratching, and other such contact with the surface of the sculptures can and will damage the piece, often times permanently. All exposed metal and acrylic areas should be dusted regularly with a dry clean cotton cloth. If accidental smudging/marking/fingerprinting should occur on a natural aluminum area, the piece should be cleaned immediately using a damp cotton cloth with a small amount of hand soap (gently rubbing circles over the affected area) and then immediately dried with using a dry cotton cloth. Any of the painted or copper pieces will have a hardened automotive clear coat (and the aluminum pieces can receive this upon request) which is easy to clean with a damp, soft cotton cloth as well - very mild cleaners could also be used on the finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Never use alcohol based products, bleaches or abrasive detergents for cleaning any part of your artwork; this may affect the grind patterns and/or coloring on your sculpture.

See our FAQs Page for more information about Nicholas Yust's metal artwork