Common Questions about Nicholas's Art & Processes

Can this metal artwork be hung outside?
YES. All of the metal used in our artwork is suitable to be hung both indoors and outdoors. The sculptures with painted surfaces are also treated with a protective coating, allowing them to be hung outdoors without rusting. The clear protective coat that we use is the same coating used on Lexus automobiles. ( View our General Artwork Details) If you do decide to hang the piece outdoors, please let us know and we will gladly apply an extra layer of the clear coat. (Return to Top)

Will the metal artwork be damaged by salty air or wind?
NO. Again, all of the metal used in our artwork is suitable to be hung outdoors, even in windy, salty conditions. ALTHOUGH, we do recommend that you inform us if it will be hung in such conditions so that we can apply a few extra layers of the protective coating. (Return to Top)

Can I order a piece in a different metal than what is used the photograph?
YES. All of our artwork can be customized by size, color, shape, design, and even the metal used. If you see a piece that you like in aluminum, but you would prefer it in copper, simply contact us with your request and we will promptly reply with a quote (if there is a price difference). (Return to Top)

Can I order a piece in a different color than the photograph?
YES. All of our artwork can be customized by size, color, shape, design or material. Simply contact us with your preferences and we will promptly reply with a price quote. Generally there is no additional fee to customize the colors, unless there are numerous additional or unusual colors. You may also send us color swatches, pictures or fabric samples of the décor in the room where the art will be hung and we can do a color-match or make some suggestions for colors that would look great with your samples. (Return to Top)

From where will the art ship?
All orders will be shipped from Nicholas Yust’s metalwork studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. (Return to Top)

How much does international shipping cost?
International shipping will vary depending upon the artwork ordered. The reason for this is that the freight companies charge different amounts based not only on weight, but on the size of the package. So if it is a single-panel piece it will cost more than a multi-panel piece that might weigh a bit more. Or a multi-panel piece with a wide center panel would cost more than a multi-panel piece with all narrow panels. View our Artwork Shipping page for our rates and policies. (Return to Top)

Where can I view your artwork live?
Nicholas participates regularly in art shows, expos and auctions, and has his artwork displayed in galleries, hotels, businesses and personal collections worldwide. Just recently we have participated in the Art Expo New York, the ACC Art Expo in San Francisco, the Art Expo Las Vegas, the Florida Boxer Rescue auction, Wonder Inc in Ohio, the Black Wall Gallery in Tennessee, and countless businesses, hotels and homes across the world, including Canada, Australia, Japan, the U.K. and Denmark. If you are interested in ordering a piece of Nicholas Yust artwork but feel that you must see it live before purchasing, please Contact Us to see try to make arrangments to see a piece in person, or submit a Sample Request with the type of piece your are considering and we will gladly send you a sample piece of one of his sculptures. These sample pieces are hand made with the exact materials and through the same process of creation as the full-sized pieces, but generally are about 6”x6”. The cost of the sample can be credited toward your full-size purchase, upon request.(Return to Top)

Can Nicholas Yust do custom metalwork for something not displayed on your website?
YES. In the artist’s own words, “If you can dream it, I can probably build it so don't hesitate to ask…” Nicholas has cut and shaped custom panels to attach to an existing display for an office building, has brought to life an idea for a religious cross thought up by a church in New England, has assembled an award sculpture in the shape of a DNA Helix, and much, much more. If you have an idea for a wall or standing sculpture, a company logo or name plate, or anything else you can imagine out of metal, please Contact Us and work with Nicholas and Eric to make even your most abstract idea a reality. (Return to Top)

Does the metal artwork come ready to hang?
YES. Each panel has a hanging bracket centered and mounted about an inch from the top of the panel on the back, as well as an equally-sized spacer down at the bottom of the panel on back to keep the distance from the wall equal. See our Mounting Instructions page for more detail. (Return to Top)

How long does it take from the time I place my order to the time I receive my artwork?
This will depend on the size, quantity, and pieces ordered. Obviously custom orders take longer than standard orders. We try to keep custom orders in about a 7-10 week window, while standard orders are generally shipped within 5-9 weeks. Of course we do ask for flexibility with the schedule because, as with any fine art, Nicholas Yust’s metal artwork varies in complexity and detail and can frequently require extra time and attention to detail. He does typically batch processes together for efficiency, so several pieces make gradual progress together. For example, he will order materials about once per month for any pieces in his queue (plus a little extra,) then he measures and cuts down all of the aluminum, then repeats with copper, then when he begins grinding he will batch the ones that have similar patterns, and when airbrushing he will paint the ones that incorporate the same colors, etc. So the lead time for a given piece is a bit longer, however the net result is a more efficient workflow overall!

Please refer to our complete process for more details on what goes into the creation and preparation of every piece of art.(Return to Top)

Is the listed price a price per panel or for all of the panels together?
The prices you see on our website are for all of the panels combined, as seen in the images associated with it. (Return to Top)