Please Note: if you are interest in representing Nicholas Yust in your art gallery or including him in an upcoming event (fine art show, auction, fund raiser, Meet the Artist event, interview for industry magazine or website article, etc) please Contact Us with the details and we will promptly respond accordingly.


  • American Fine Craft Show - Brooklyn Museum, Nov 18-19, 2017
  • Winterfair Cincinnati - Nov 24-26, 2017
  • One of a Kind Show - Chicago, Dec 7-10, 2017
  • American Craft Show - Baltimore, February 23-25, 2017
  • Fringe Gallery Grand Opening - Winter 2017 (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Global News Morning Show (Television) - Winter 2017 (Toronto, CA)
  • Samsung Brand Ambassador @ Interior Design Show - Winter 2017 (Toronto, CA)
  • American Craft Council Show - Winter 2017 (Baltimore, MD)
  • Art Basel / Spectrum Miami Show - Winter 2016 (Miami, FL)
  • Massive Art Installation @ Qatar Shopping Center - Fall 2016 (Doha, Qatar, UAE)
  • Art Expo New York - Spring 2016 (New York, NY)
  • American Craft Council Show - Winter 2016 (Baltimore, MD)
  • Art Santa Fe - Summer 2016 (Santa Fe, NM)
  • Art Basel / Red Dot Art Fair - Winter 2015 (Miami, FL)
  • American Craft Council Show - Spring 2015 (St Paul, MN)
  • American Craft Council Show - Spring 2015 (Atlanta, GA)
  • American Craft Council Show - Winter 2015 (Baltimore, MD)
  • American Craft Council Show - Winter 2014 (Baltimore, MD)
  • Las Vegas Furniture Market - Winter 2013 (Baltimore, MD)
  • American Craft Council Show - Winter 2013 (Baltimore, MD)

Yust Gallery Now Open in Cincinnati, Ohio

Although our gallery in Cincinnati has technically been open (by appointment only) for much of the year, it has finally received the final touches (furniture, track lighting, signage, etc). In addition to being open to the public, Nicholas also hosts several events per year to encourage collectors, designers, architects, art procureres, and local business owners to come mingle. Send us an email ( if you would like an invitation to the next event; you will certainly not regret it!

Nicholas Yust's Metal Art on NBC!

Keep your eyes on the office walls of the President of the Georgia Federation on NBC's hit television show, "Revolution." Their set decorator purchased a few of Nicholas' metal designs for the walls, and as this little teaser to the right shows, they look great with the decor! The shows were just recently filmed with Nicholas' metal artwork in the last couple of months, and have begun airing as of 2 weeks ago.

If you haven't started watching Revolution temp-on NBC yet, we highly recommend it - a really neat take temp-on a sort of post-Apocalyptic world with an energy/technology blackout. In other words, my worst nightmare as a webmaster! -$2$3$4=)

Interview w/

Here are a few snippets from an article prepared by Anne J Ryan of, from an interview she conducted with Nicholas Yust:

"Take a typical Yust wall sculpture: a perfectly cut frame of aluminum and copper offer open windows, displaying deep red flushes of heat and electricity. There’s the feeling that the uncontrollable has been controlled, the untethered tethered, the impossible made possible. Yust captures the surge of energy and infuses it into his sculptures.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that you can’t see all forms of energy,” said Yust. He explained that in his pieces, he tries to show what energy would look like if it could be seen “in a human element.”

A special thanks to Ms. Ryan and her efforts to represent Nicholas' talents with copper. This was a wonderful look into the emotional side of Nicholas' artwork, and how he expresses himself through the designs he creates in metal. This article was specifically focused around his copper work, of which some of his most beautiful wall sculptures are created.

The full article can be read at:

Interview w/ Modern Metals Magazine

Here are a few snippets from an interview Nicholas Yust recently had with Nick Wright - Editor in Chief for Modern Metals Magazine and

...To color and finish his metalwork, Yust invented a proprietary process that applies pigment to ground metal. Essentially, paint goes on dry and is activated with an ultraviolet clear coat, he says. “I’ve made colors that I have not seen anybody do or come close as far as the vibrancy and transparency of the color.”

“...In terms of materials, I prefer aluminum,” he says. “It’s more energetic, it’s brighter when it’s ground. Also, when you apply transparent pigment on top of it, because it has a more white color to the metals, it gives off brighter tones...”

Thank you again to Mr. Wright for his interest in Nicholas' techniques. This was a great opportunity to get some technical insight into Nicholas' processes and the skill and craftsmanship necessary to create the amazing metal works that Nicholas has become known for.

The full article can be read at: