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Official Representative: Paul Galante | ph: 0418 414 969 | | Sydney, Australia

Get Our Modern Metal Art in Australia

We are in Australia too! Everything you see on our website can be shipped safely to Australia. If you would like to see the artwork before you buy, you can request a sample to be mailed to you first, ask us for a reference, or contact Nicholas Yust's official representative in Sydney: Paul Galante (ph: 0418 414 969, - Paul has a wealth of knowledge in design and art, and has several of Nicholas' sculptures on live display. He is available to schedule face-to-face meetings so you can see the artwork in person before you buy. Please feel free to contact him even if you are outside of Sydney as he frequently travels all over Australia and can take some of the artwork with him as needed.

Although he may be a Cincinnati native, Nicholas Yust's signature modern metal wall art and standing sculptures have become exceptionally popular in Australia. Outside of his home country, Australia is far and away the top destination for Nicholas' metal artwork. His unique designs (typically classified as modern, abstract and/or contemporary) fit perfectly with the progressive style of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and other Australian regions. With so much experience shipping his fine metal art internationally, Nicholas and his gallery staff have perfected the techniques to make sure it arrives safely to the overseas destination. All pieces are also shipped 100% insured, just to be safe.

The salty sea air can be a difficult trial for many artists, but Nicholas has also developed top-of-the-line clear coat treatments for his metal art to ensure long life and durability even in the Australian sun and weather. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our process for Australian orders.

Please Note: if you see an unusually high shipping charge at checkout, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Sometimes it can be a random freight calculator error, or sometimes we may be able to tweak the item (modify the shape/dimensions, cut it into multiple panels instead of a single panel, etc) to allow it to fit in a smaller box and ship to Australia much cheaper.

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