How to Hang Your Metal Wall Art

There are a variety of ways that your metal artwork can be hung. Each panel of the wall sculpture will have a metal bracket attached to the back of it: centered and positioned two inches from the top (see image on right). This positioning allows the piece to balance and hang securely. The most common method of hanging the individual panel is simply a nail or a sc

How to Hang Metal Wall Art

rew. More often than not the artwork is hung on drywall, so for that reason I typically recommend using drywall screws and anchors for a more stable hold. These can be purchased at any hardware store and they are quite inexpensive.

Another great option is picture-hanging hooks, like ' MonkeyHooks,' which can hold a lot of weight without sagging or damaging the drywall. The bracket on the back of your art panels will fit nicely over the hook, and you can even do two hooks per panel for added stability and security.

Perhaps the most secure option would be to purchase a metal track (like a z-bar) also at the hardware store - great for highly-trafficked areas like reception areas, narrow hallways or outdoors. With this option you could then mount the track to the wall on the studs and hang your metal panels over the lip of the track. The downside to this option is that you would be able to see a small portion of the track along the top of the sculpture in the spacing between the panels, unless you did one small z-bar for every segment of the sculpture (for multi-panel pieces.)

If you are not hanging the sculpture on drywall, please contact either a professional installer or myself and Nicholas and we could give you some more options. There are industrial strength adhesives or even velcro-type options that can be considered.

If you are hanging the artwork outdoors, be sure to use a more secure hanging method, especially in windy and/or highly-trafficked areas of your property.

As always, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any questions or concerns about the hanging of your artwork.

Example Hanging Diagrams for 7-panel & 4-panel Art

Note that you may choose to use 2 nails or screws per panel instead of 1, for added stability, but that may not be necessary depending on your circumstances.