Nicholas Yust: Contemporary Metal Artist & Sculptor

A quick summary of Nicholas Yust's background:

  • Born in 1978 in Cincinnati, OH
  • Graduated High School in 1996, also in Cincy
  • Enrolled in the School of Design Art Architecture & Planning at the U of Cincinnati - Studied Fine Art & Art History for two years (emphasis in Abstract Oil Pastels and Interior Architecture)
  • Completed his Master's Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at Wright State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Materials Engineering

As Nicholas' passions and scholastic interests led him from art and design to engineering, he unintentionally became uniquely qualified to be the master metal artist that he would soon evolve into... His engineering career led him away from art as he interned and worked for the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, researching superconductivity and thin film coated conductors. It was at this time that Nicholas first experimented with sheets of aluminum; namely cutting, bending and applying grinding patterns.

Early Days as a Metal Artist

Shortly after this initial experimentation at Wright Patterson AFB, Nicholas made himself an aluminum triptych (3-panel set) with his own unique, artistic grind pattern. Everyone loved the minimalistic essence of the artwork, coupled with the creative artist grinds. He gradually started experimenting with new patterns and styles, producing countless designs which laid the foundation of his collection today. Perhaps the thing that really allowed Nicholas' work to take off was the development of his signature grind patterns. Other metal artists have since come and gone, many of whom come to Nicholas begging for tips, but none have successfully been able to master the technique. The fluid patterns seem to melt and form the surface of the metal to Nicholas' whims, always with unnatural geometric perfection and special attention to creative detail.

As he expanded his capabilities with grind patterns, Nicholas also experimented with transparent coatings to allow these signature grind patterns to be seen through a spectrum of colors. He applied these techniques to his metal wall art, but also began to experiment with free-standing and tabletop sculptures as well. He has since created several hundred varieties, primarily using metal strips or ribbons with decorative grinds and colors, bending and twisting them into creative structures and mounting them on stone bases.

As storage space dwindled in his personal studio he decided to sell off a lot of his work. Nicholas sold his newly-created modern metal art in local consignment galleries, Starbucks coffee houses, online art galleries, eBay and his own personal website gallery. The success of the sales and the demand for more artwork led him to pursue his artwork more fervently - shortly thereafter he partnered up with Eric at to offer his designs permanently online and gain even more visibility.

Innovative New Metal Design Ideas

As Nicholas continued working full time and developing his line of metal art on the side, he eventually changed career paths from research engineering to development, transferring from the Air Force to General Electric Aviation where he supported the Repair Technology Center of Excellence. This career move allowed Nicholas to spend even more time creating his modern art and developing innovative new ideas. In 2006 he built a 1200 sq-ft fabrication studio where he worked on his large and small-scale wall hanging and floor standing sculptures. In 2011 he moved into his brand new, custom built studio/gallery/shop - nearly tripling his workspace to 3500 square feet. He is certainly keeping busy in the new space: most of his work comes as custom orders for large-scale modern metal wall hanging or free standing sculptures. He also makes abstract metal clocks, kitchen and door treatments, custom lit store signs, high-end metal awards, and just about anything else you can imagine that would be crafted from metal.

Evolution into Full-Time Metal Artist

Due to ever-increasing interest and demand for metal artwork, Nicholas is now working full time on his art from his Cincinnati studio. The recent surge has also created the need for a larger studio yet again. His work has been displayed all over the world in public and private settings, and has been featured at the Art Expo New York in 2007 and 2008 (earning "Art of the Day" honors for his Striations piece),the Art Expo Las Vegas 2008, the tightly-juried American Craft Council show in Baltimore in 2011, 2012 & 2013, the Pendleton Art Center of Cincinnati, Starbucks, several local modern fine art galleries several online virtual galleries, numerous restaurants, offices and hotels, and countless personal art galleries (see some of our clients here.) To date he has sold his work around the globe, including Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, the United States of America, and many more.

Global Popularity as a Metal Artist

Nicholas now has clients all over the globe; currently in over 40 countries worldwide. With every new client around the world, the praise for his style, skill, craftsmanship, and the high quality and design of his artwork continues to pour in. Among his thousands of clients around the globe, Nicholas has a virtually spotless satisfaction rate. A couple of years back he was chosen to create one of his famous "Fusion" sculptures for the 'Eureka!' television show, and just in 2013 he was commissioned to create 2 of his metal wall sculptures for the popular "Revolution" prime time television show on NBC.

Nicholas Yust's Metal Wall Art on NBC: