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Lavish Coast (v4) Landscape Metal Art

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Lavish Coast (v4) Landscape Metal Art
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This is yet another variation of Nicholas' popular Lavish Coast landscape metal art line.  It is another 3 panel layout with a single abstract tree to the left, reaching precariously across the sky towards the red sun on the right.   The tree has unnaturally long branches, spanning the width of the artwork over all three panels.  The rich red sun has a fiery grind pattern which seems to be drawing in the whimsical tree branches toward it.  This landscape metal art is meant to be a creative twist on an otherwise traditional theme. Also featured in this landscape metal art is a lake or river centered in the middle of the landscape and one patch of green grass accenting the area beneath the tree.

As with the other Lavish Coast piece, this fourth version incorporates three layers: the blue-painted waterway and the green landscape accent are both cut from a separate sheet of metal and attached to the surface, giving an extra bit of dimension and texture.  The brilliant red sun in the top right corner of the landscape is actually set back behind the main panel, behind a circle cut-out to allow it to show through with a set-back lip for additional depth and shading.  Yet another succesful design in Nicholas' landscape metal art gallery.

Size 62"W x 24"H x 1"D
Material Aluminum Metal
Finish Protective UV-Resistant Clear Coat
Use Indoor/Outdoor Landscape Metal Art
Features Benefits
Colors Silver/Metal, Red, Blue, Green
Design Contemporary Landscape Metal Art, Tree, Waterway
Structure Metal panels w/ colored accents layered
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All Artwork Hand-Crafted by Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Yust

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