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Doppler Effect

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Doppler Effect
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Design Details
Description: The 'Doppler Effect' is a very unique member of our modern metal art collection because unlike many of Nicholas' sculptures the grind pattern does not cover the entire surface. It is in one isolated path traveling from one edge the other. Nicholas has to be so careful when grinding this sculpture because the edges of the winding pattern are actually outlined first by hand with a blade After that is completed, he meticulously grinds the metal, also by hand, within the outlined path.
The squiggly grind trail of this sculpture looks very much like an aerial view of a winding river. This sculpture looks brilliant in color as well, as you can see from the 'Red Doppler Effect'.
  • Overall Dimensions: 60x12x1 in.
  • 1 Aluminum Panel
  • Overall Weight: Approx 10 lbs.
  • (Please CONTACT US for custom sizing and special requests.)

Size 60"W x 12"H x 1"D
Material Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
Finish Natural metal finish
Use Indoor/Outdoor
Features Benefits
Colors Natural Metal/Silver - Reflects Ambient Colors
Design Hand-ground wavy patterns
Structure Single layer, single-panel metal
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All Artwork Hand-Crafted by Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Yust

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