Pure Metal Wall Art - Natural Metallic Finish


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Aluminum & Steel Pure Metal Wall Art

Ultra-Modern Metal Wall Art by Nicholas Yust

All of the pure metal art in this gallery can be customized or personalized upon request. Please fill out our Custom Metal Art Request Form to get a price quote on customizing the size, materials, or color of the metal sculpture you are interested in. No request is too big or too small. The artist regularly makes these sculptures as large as 10 feet by 4 feet, or even as small as 5 x 7 inches.   We recently completed an enormous 17 foot piece for a large paint company here in the US.

As you browse through the photographs of the metal artwork in this gallery, you will notice that some of the pieces appear to be two-toned, with a golden hue. These pieces are actually made from pure aluminum (or steel) and are actually achieving the two-toned look by using a quartz halogen bulb as the light source. The silver/platinum appearance in the other photographs of the art is the result of fluorescent lighting.  You can read more tips and recommendations about lighting metal wall art here.

Simply *CLICK* on the images below to view the details of the art work, more images, and the purchasing options. We ship worldwide with many clients in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.  Nicholas custom packages all of his metal artwork for safe transit.  The multi-panel designs allow us to individually wrap and stack them in smaller boxes and ship cheaper than their single-panel counterparts, particularly with international orders.

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Conduction (35% OFF!)
Conduction Single
Crystallized Grid
Crystallized Large
Doppler Effect
Electric Fields v1
Electric Fields v2
Entrapped Particles
Frozen in Time
Fusion Large Single Panel
Inter-Diffusion Single
Le Man
Linea (51% OFF!)
Magma Aluminum
Orbits and Trance
Parallel Dendrites
Parallel Dendrites (v2)
Passing Currents (10-Panel)
Passing Currents (5-Panel)
Perspective - Stainless Steel
Pinnacle (34% OFF!)
Polar Attraction
Polar Attraction Single
Polar Encapsulation
Polar Encapsulation Single
Protons & Electrons (60% OFF!)
Shear Planes
Tantalum Single
Tenuous (35% OFF!)

Pure Metal Art

Unpainted, natural metals

The designs in this gallery are really what we might consider Nicholas' 'bread and butter.'  Over the last decade he has invented, modified, refined and perfected dozens and dozens of signature grind patterns that he can accurately and consistently produce in his metal art.  It is hard to believe it, but all of the texture and variety you see in these pure metal art designs are all the result of carefully handled and expertly applied grinders.  Nicholas uses a variety of grinding techniques in his pure metallic artwork, including handheld, air-powered grinders, manual brushing and sanding pads, and countless texture and grit variations.

One of the trademark characteristics of his pure metal art is the holographic effect of the grinding patterns.  The designs are applied in layers at calculated intervals, and the result is a truly spectacular holographic effect - as you move from one side of the panel to the other, or even just rocking slowly side to side in front of the artwork, the pattern seems to move and dance in the light, and the wisps and paths of the design seem to layer and overlap deeply in the metal panel.  It seems as though you should be able to reach your hand right through the metal panel!

Unfortunately, most of the awe and inspiration of these pure metal designs are lost or minimized with photography, so the best possible way to appreciate the artwork is to see it in person.  Trust me when I tell you that you will NOT be disappointed - every client we have every had (and they are many) has been blown away when they see their pure metal art in person, at how much more intense and beautiful it is when you see it live versus a photograph.  You will be no exception, and if you would like further evidence before placing your order, start with a pure metal sample to see and handle the materials and artistic quality in advance.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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