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Crystallized Grid

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Crystallized Grid
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'Crystallized Grid' is perhaps the most popular of Nicholas Yust's large-scale metal wall sculptures, and for good reason. The unique panel layout that the artist has concocted has a curious balance and impressively distributed visual weight that the average mind may not have been able to conceive.  The sides are not quite opposite and not quite mirror images, yet the artist has carefully shaped and organized each segment to compliment the others and come together in geometric magnificence.  In spite of that, the individually-hanging art panels allow for individual creativity, giving the client the flexibility to arrange the artwork however best appeals to them and fits their allotted wall space.  

The overlapping edges and intentionally uneven sides make Crystallized Grid a welcomed break from the straight rectanges and squares commonly found in this genre of modern metal wall art.  The unique spacing between the panels allows the wall color to show through, giving this artwork the opportunity to integrate instantly and comfortably into an modern, contemporary, or upscale classic setting.  In addition to that, this artistic display is also very much appreciated for the variety of grind patterns, featuring a wide array of the artist's signature textures and unique designs.  You find yourself in possession of an eight-piece sampling of spectacular artisan grind patterns, with each segment an artistic achievement in its own right.

If you are able to set up track lighting or at least have a well-lit display location, you will find that this artwork is a wonderful opportunity to gaze for hours on end, as your eyes dance excitedly from the curiousities of one energetic, holographic pattern to the gently sweeping curves that seem to be flowing off of another.  Crystallized Grid has a little bit of everything, with the unique ability to convert an entire wall into an interactive work of art.

An added perk of this design is that the multi-panel structure allows for a very large area coverage while minimizing the hassle and difficulty of transporting and mounting a very large, solid metal artwork.

Size 80"W x 30"H x 1"D
Material Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
Finish Natural metal finish
Use Indoor/Outdoor
Features Benefits
Colors Metallic/Silver - Reflects Ambient Colors Nicely
Design Artistic grind patterns applied by hand
Structure Single layer, multi-panel metal

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Crystallized GridThe sculpture is finally up! and it looks stunning...Even my dog likes to sit and admire it!

Thank you and Nicholas...
Written by Christine V on Tue 31 May 2011 5:42:08 AM GMT
As nice as we thought!Well we finally have had our sculpture delivered! And yes it is as nice as I thought it would be! Written by Christine on Thu 28 Apr 2011 5:20:30 PM GMT
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