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Named for an interesting astronomical phenomenon, ‘H-Alpha’ references a deep red spectral line, which can be used to observe certain features in the sun’s atmosphere. The naked human eye cannot look directly at the sunshine for more than a moment, even from such a great distance as Earth’s surface. Because of this fact, we can only imagine the beauty of the sun its fullness - it is left a mystery to us as humans.

Comparable to the mysteries of the sun is the thrill of chasing a beautiful woman. Many viewers have described this metallic design as resembling the golden silky hair of a mesmerizing stranger; an enigma who leaves you restless, to whom you would give anything to share a single moment. Nicholas has managed to capture the essence of this idea in his ‘H-Alpha’ by hand grinding long, smooth, sweeping waves into a warm copper metal panel.

To complete a piece like this, the artist absolutely must have perfect concentration and technique. Even the smallest of mistakes - one tremble of the arm, twitch of the leg, or slip of the hand - would take away from the utter perfection of the finished product. Nicholas clearly showcases his incredible talent and superb attention to detail in this one of a kind beauty. You will find that your eyes can’t help but follow the smooth, twisting waves and watch as the light reflects in hues of copper and gold.

Copper artwork is a timeless trend in sophisticated, modern design. The neutral shades of taupe and brown that have taken over the decor isles in the department stores are accented perfectly by the rich golden red tones seen in copper wall art. Take a look at the photos in the gallery on this page to see what this mystical metal wall art might look like on the walls of your own home or office.

Size 60"W x 24"H x 3"D
Material Pure Copper, Aluminum Metal
Finish Protective UV-Resistant Clear Coat
Use Indoor/Outdoor
Features Benefits
Colors Copper, Metal, Silver
Design Wavy grind pattern
Structure Single-layer metal panels

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
H-AlphaIt's finally here!

We are very happy with the H Alpha.

Yet to mount but will take a photo once mounted and forward a copy onto you.

Thanks for all your communciation & regular updates.

Cheers & best wishes
Written by Michelle on Thu 16 Aug 2012 5:15:07 AM GMT
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All Artwork Hand-Crafted by Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Yust

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