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Description:  'Fusion' is one of Nicholas Yust's most celebrated metal creations. The smooth, arching grind pattern that graces the surface has quickly become one of his trademarks. The key to the consistent sweeping pattern across the surface of the metal is his solitary positioning: the artist must keep his feet planted at the center of the panel and grind from one side to the other without taking a step. This ensures a smooth pattern without imperfections - even the slightest motion with his feet will affect the angle and arc of the grind pattern, causing a bump or a hiccup in the otherwise flawless metallic finish.  Something that Nicholas, being a perfectionist with his artwork, will not tolerate...

The wide, comfortable wave with the tight bend is comes to life through a careful process involving hundreds of perfected arcing motions with an air-powered handheld grinder.  It is impressive how the artist is able to achieve such an elegant, artistic display using materials and tools commonly associated with hard, industrial labor.  This piece is the epitome of the "Wow Factor" - you will be amazed at the perceived depth of the pattern and the motion of the wave as you move from one side to the other, watching the light reflect and cascade along the path of the grinds.

The 'Fusion' metal artwork can be made-to-order in any size and from any material.  Click on the thumbnail image to the left to see an example of 'Fusion' in copper, aluminum and bronze.  Note: the stainless steel version looks essentially identical to the aluminum version in photographs - in person you can see more of a blue/gray undertone in steel versus a white/silver undertone in aluminum.

Variations of the Fusion piece are featured as a contemporary accent in homes, businesses and modern artwork galleries worldwide. It is even prominently displayed on the set of the popular Sci-Fi television program called 'Eureka' as a modern wall sculpture in the characters' headquarters.

Panel Sizes for the Standard 62"x24" display: 2 Outermost Panels: 5" - Next 2 Panels Inside: 7" - Next 2 Panels Inside: 10" - Center Panel: 16"

Size 62"W x 24"H x 1"D
Material Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
Finish Natural metal finish
Use Indoor/Outdoor
Features Benefits
Colors Metallic/Silver - Reflects Ambient Colors Nicely
Design Artistic grind patterns applied by hand
Structure Single layer, multi-panel metal

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 8 reviews: 5.0
Beautiful FusionI wanted to let you know that A.R.T. installed my Fusion pieces yesterday. They look beautiful, thank you so much for all your help. (see photos attached)

Please also let Nicholas know that the Art Resource Team (A.R.T.), Inez Baird and husband Tony, did an excellent job of installing. I would highly recommend them.

Thanks again for working with me to get exactly what I wanted. Your time and attention was very much appreciated. I LOVE it !!!

Written by Eileen on Thu 25 Jul 2013 4:26:16 AM GMT
Fusion pieceWe are very happy about the artwork, but will have to wait a couple of months to hang it in our new bedroom. We are now still in the process of building.

All the best and happy holidays!
Written by Marieke on Wed 19 Dec 2012 4:31:02 AM GMT
Fusion LargeGot my delivery today. Wow, it looks great. Just need to mount it on the wall now!

I'll send a photo when done. Please pass on my thanks to Nicholas.
Written by Christopher on Thu 16 Aug 2012 7:37:17 AM GMT
FusionHello...I ordered the fusion!! YES we did receive it and we wanted to tell you we LOVE it ;) Written by Laura on Wed 8 Aug 2012 5:39:24 AM GMT
Fusion PanelsLet me just tell you that the Fusion Art Work looks absolutely fantastic in the space. We hosted our Open House/Business Afterhours last Wednesday and people were in awe!

Thanks again for everything.
Written by Lynn H on Tue 26 Jul 2011 5:10:41 PM GMT
Copper FusionI just wanted to thank you, because it really looks great in our Spa and a lot of clients ask me where I got it from.

Thanks so much and you can be sure I’ll keep decorating the Spa in the near future :-)
Written by Natalia F. on Wed 15 Jun 2011 5:43:46 AM GMT
Absolutely FantasticThe five-panel wall sculpture has arrived safely in Cairns! It is absolutely fantastic - we are so delighted. We are currently contemplating how to display it to best effect - and then we'll just wait for the compliments. I have already been on to Nicholas' website to see what I may buy next... Thank you so much for your easy communication and friendly manner. Written by Carol on Tue 24 May 2011 6:27:39 AM GMT
FusionWe received our artwork (Fusion) yesterday. We are very happy! It was packed perfectly and is now hanging on our office walls, in time for our important meeting on Thursday. Written by Jennifer G. on Thu 17 Dec 2009 1:49:45 AM GMT
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All Artwork Hand-Crafted by Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Yust

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