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You wonder once again how you got here. You come from a small, midwestern town. A town you always knew you were too big for. Yes, you had dreams. You were going places. Not many got out, but you would be one of the few. So you worked hard. You got good grades. Let others party on the weekend, you could see the bigger picture. You were working extra hours and putting every last penny away. And it paid off in the end. You made it to the college of your dreams. A college almost as old as the country itself. As you walk towards campus, you keep your eyes down, staring at the path beneath your feet. It is old, the bricks in shades of brown and grey. The path that carries you to your future. Flare is the piece for you.
Size 12"W x 24"H x 3"D
Material Pure Copper, Aluminum Metal
Finish Protective UV-Resistant Clear Coat
Use Indoor/Outdoor
Features Benefits
Colors Copper, Metal, Silver
Design Raised mosaic design
Structure Multi-layer assembled tiles
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All Artwork Hand-Crafted by Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Yust

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