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'Conduit' is perhaps Nicholas Yust's most popular copper and aluminum hybrid.  This piece features about a dozen layers of metal expertly-arranged in an interesting abstract structure that seems to tell the tale of the artist's background in metallurgical engineering.  Nicholas describes this type of metal artwork as a 'multidimensional copper wall sculpture' - perhaps a bit of a mouthful, but it is clear that the piece is certainly more sculptural in nature than the decorative flat panels in some of his other collections.  It is meant to be more of an event on your wall, to draw in viewers, raise eyebrows, and inspire creativity.

Many of Nicholas' other multidimensional pieces tend to feature a wide variety of grind patterns - sort of a hodge podge or sampling of his decorative grinding skills.  The copper and aluminum layers of Conduit, however, primarily focus on vertical and horizontal wavy patterns, with a few polished or brushed accents strategically placed for balance and variety.  The interwoven metal ribbons, stark geometric contrasts and material variations in this artwork create interesting depth as they attract ambient lighting and cast natural shadows.  Light will dance and skip across the artistic grind patterns and metallic layers as you walk by this spectacular metal artwork, making this an eye-catching phenomenon.

Copper has a natural tendency to represent quality, class and sophistication.  The crisp, ultra-modern display of Conduit is just that, as it fits perfect in an upscale environment in need of texture, sheen and the 'wow factor.'
Size 40"W x 16"H x 2"D
Material Pure Copper, Aluminum Metal
Finish Protective UV-Resistant Clear Coat
Use Indoor/Outdoor
Features Benefits
Colors Copper, Metal, Silver
Design Wavy grind w/ abstract patterns
Structure Multi-layer metal panels
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All Artwork Hand-Crafted by Cincinnati Artist Nicholas Yust

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