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Copper Artwork: Indoor & Outdoor Modern Designs

Copper Wall Art Nicholas Yust is something of a master of metals.  The two mediums he uses most frequently are aluminum and copper.  Copper is a rich and beautiful material, and is considered a softer and more delicate metal.  Although artists love to use it, it is inherently more expensive than aluminum and steel, and the precautions that must be taken as an artist working with copper make it even more costly to create artwork from.  Also, unless you want your wall panel to end up green like the Statue of Liberty, it is going to require a serious clear-coat to eliminate oxidization and patina.  No offense to the Statue, but if you intend to enjoy the brilliant coppers and plan the color pallette of your space accordingly, you will want to maintain the original coloring for as long as possible.

Brilliantly Rich Copper: Upscale Artwork

Few options for wall decor can effectively compete with a gorgeously classy, artistically ground copper panel. The example to the right is a pair of companion copper panels with dark back panels (creating the border/trim around the edges.) The wave pattern makes the copper seem liquid - flowing across the surface of the artwork. An effective copper artist can convert your home or office into a space fit for the Greek Gods.

Please note: If you don't find a specific copper sculpture that you like below, any piece you see here at can be recreated in copper rather than aluminum.  Simply fill out our Custom Order Request Form with the name of the piece you want and the copper specification, and we will promptly respond with an estimate! Any of our copper artwork for sale may also be replaced with bronze, if desired. Don't hesitate to request a completely customized design, pattern or panel layout as well - the artist is always eager to experiment with new copper projects!
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Barren SeasonBarren Season
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Copper Tantalum LargeCopper Tantalum Large
Copper Wave (64% OFF!)Copper Wave (64% OFF!)
Fire LakeFire Lake
Hallide V2Hallide V2
Heart StringsHeart StringsPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Interdiffusion Copper LargeInterdiffusion Copper Large
Mod v1Mod v1
Mod v2Mod v2
Reluctance  Reluctance
Slip Planes  Slip Planes
Slip planes v2Slip planes v2
The Fire WithinThe Fire WithinPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
The Fire Within v2The Fire Within v2Please Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Warm Landscape CollageWarm Landscape CollageChoose any combination of panels based on size, and Nicholas will customize your display in a combination of copper, bronze and aluminum tree-themed panels. | Click to view diagram.
Windows of Terrestrial LandscapeWindows of Terrestrial Landscape
Copper Wall Art

Copper = More Temperamental than Aluminum & Steel

Copper Art: Different Metal, Special Artwork Treatment

As you can see, Nicholas Yust loves using copper in his work. However, copper is a much more temperamental material than aluminum, so the copper pieces require special handling and treatment. 'Patina' is the blue/green colored result of aged or untreated copper. Nicholas treats all of his modern copper artwork with several layers of a protective automotive clear coat that eliminates the 'patina' effect and protects the integrity and design of the copper art work from the corrosive oils of finger prints, and of course all of the potential damage from outdoor exposure. The protective clear coat on the copper artwork is the same finish that you would see on a high-end automobile. Each copper panel receives anywhere from 2-4 layers, with several days required for application, baking and drying/hardening time per layer.  Nicholas takes great measures to ensure a flawless sheen and a smooth glossy finish, without dust particles or imperfections in the coating. This process helps to ensure the life of your copper artwork and protects the rich, artistic designs from the diminishing effects of age.

Custom Options, Variations | Request Anything in Copper

All Artwork Fully Customizable

Nicholas Yust's copper wall art designs have a number of variations and varieties to choose from. As you can see, much of the artwork in this gallery actually incorporates another metal (typically aluminum) in addition to copper. This has become one of the artist's signature artistic techniques - it creates some texture and color variation for the mosaic style pieces, and can work as a trim or border for depth and contrast if used as a backpanel. As with all of our metal wall art, the choice of metal is completely interchangeable upon request. So if you find a steel or aluminum piece you like but want it in copper instead, just let us know and we will price it out accordingly.  The artist is quoted as saying, "If you can imagine it, I can probably build it." This applies to his copper artwork just as well as his aluminum designs.

How to Request Custom Wall Art
Simply fill out our Custom Artwork Request Form and let us know which wall sculpture you are interested in, and whether you would like the design in copper, bronze, aluminum or another metal. We can also do color-matching (or "metal-matching") where the buyer sends us an actual sample of the metal hardware used in the room/office/space (or refers us to the supplier's website) so we can match the color/grade of metal for the artwork to the design and decor of the room.

Copper Art above Couch

Heat-Tinted Copper Art | Classic or Modern Copper Design?
Another design variation of the copper that you can see above in wall artwork such as 'INFUSION' is called 'heat-tinted copper'. Depending on the heating methods applied to the copper, the artist can get a variety of colorful designs to emerge from the copper as a natural reaction to the intense heat. One of the great things about heat-tinted copper art is that no two sculptures are ever exactly the same, because the copper will react differently (withing the same color scheme,) with unique shades and designs every time. Each of these copper artwork pieces adds individual character and very classy, modern flair to your wall. This is a completely natural modern artwork solution, and the heat tint is a great way to add classic character to your modern copper artwork.

Glossy Surface Treatment
When working with copper, the artist takes great measures to ensure a flawless surface, with resistance to blemishes and patina in the copper. The artistic copper treatment is intended to allow the copper art to retain its original beauty and magnificent presence. 

At, we are exceptionally proud of the copper designs created by the artist, and we are 100% confident that you will be absolutely enthralled with Nicholas' work. Your wall will come to life with a new modern design, and the artwork will maintain its beauty for ages. If you have any questions about our modern copper artwork design, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome all feedback about our copper wall art gallery, or any of our other modern metal artwork galleries.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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