Colorful Metal Art - Painted Metal w/ Automotive Finish


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Colorful Metal Art

Metallic Wall Artwork in Bright & Bold Colors
The designs you see here are really the "hot rod" colors of Nicholas' metal art repertoire. Striking blues, glowing yellows, powerful oranges, exciting greens, and of course, hot rod reds. All of these colorful metal designs have been hand-painted, and the acrylic paints are hand-mixed to color. It took Nicholas years to develop his metal coloring techniques, and the results that you see here are not much different from what you would expect from a colorful paint job on a car - he even treats all of these designs with an automotive clear coat to finish them off. Thus the "hot rod" analogy becomes even more applicable!

How does he make the colorful designs and finishes..?
Although some of his coloring processes are proprietary, he does share some of the detail of his artistic process here. In a nutshell, the swirls and waves and patterns that you see below are not painted onto the metal panel, but they are in fact grind patterns on the surface of the metal, with semi-transparent acrylic paint layered on top. The semi-transparency allows the metal to take on the colorful acrylic paints, while still allowing light to pass through and reflect off of the surface texture from the grind patterns.

If you see a design you like and simply want to modify the colors, the artist will do that at no extra cost - just add the item to your cart, place the order, and in the "Notes" field you may specify the color customization that you would like.  There would only be a charge if you were customizing a piece that was not already colored (like adding color to a pure metal piece, for example.)

Special Note: Any design can be recreated to meet size and color specifications - simply contact us  for a quote...
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Abstract BirchAbstract Birch
As the Rush ComesAs the Rush Comes
Birth of a StarBirth of a Star
Blue Abstract LandscapeBlue Abstract Landscape
Blue/Purple/Green IsomanticBlue/Purple/Green Isomantic
Boride FormationsBoride Formations
Chroma BlueChroma Blue
City LightCity Light
Conduction GreenConduction Green
Cool StriationsCool Striations
Cool ZonesCool Zones
Corrugated Aluminum Rectangle (76% OFF!)Corrugated Aluminum Rectangle (76% OFF!)
Curled Orange: 1-of-a-KindCurled Orange: 1-of-a-KindPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can create a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Doppler Effect RedDoppler Effect Red
Electro ReflectionsElectro Reflections
Electrolytic BlueElectrolytic Blue
Esne v5Esne v5
Falling Into Out  Falling Into Out
Fire & IceFire & Ice
Flowing MagmaFlowing MagmaPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can create a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Fusion IceFusion Ice
Fusion LiquidousFusion Liquidous
Galactic TrailsGalactic TrailsPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can create a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Harvest 3-PanelHarvest 3-Panel
Inversion (Any Color)Inversion (Any Color)
Inversion Blue/PurpleInversion Blue/Purple
Inversion Green/BlueInversion Green/Blue
Inversion RedInversion Red
Inversion Red/RaspberryInversion Red/Raspberry
Inversion Yellow/GreenInversion Yellow/Green
Inversion Yellow/OrangeInversion Yellow/Orange
Lacus v2Lacus v2
Lava Flow V2Lava Flow V2
Lost in SpaceLost in Space
Morning GloryMorning Glory
Night WalkNight WalkPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can create a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Noia (4 panel square)Noia (4 panel square)
Organic Tides (27% OFF!)Organic Tides (27% OFF!)
Polar SilhouettePolar Silhouette
Quantum Movement  Quantum Movement
Red FusionRed Fusion
Reflective ScapeReflective Scape
Rift ZonesRift Zones
Rift Zones Black (Large)Rift Zones Black (Large)
Rift Zones Black/WhiteRift Zones Black/White
Rift Zones Red (Large)Rift Zones Red (Large)
Rift Zones White (Large)Rift Zones White (Large)
SC Composition 1SC Composition 1
SC Composition 2SC Composition 2
SC Composition 3SC Composition 3
Seasonal PlanesSeasonal PlanesPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Sherbet Dreams (64% OFF!)Sherbet Dreams (64% OFF!)
Silicate BlueSilicate Blue
Silicate RedSilicate Red
Solar WindSolar Wind
Spectral AbsorptionSpectral Absorption
Summer EscapeSummer Escape
Tallia GreenTallia Green
Tension BlueTension Blue
Tension GreenTension Green
Tension Light BlueTension Light Blue
Tension PurpleTension Purple
Tension RedTension Red
Tension YellowTension Yellow
Throwing Stones (55% OFF!)Throwing Stones (55% OFF!)
Tidal ForcesTidal Forces
Urban ModUrban Mod
Urban ThicketUrban Thicket
Warm NebulaWarm Nebula
Windows of WaterWindows of Water

Multi-Color Metal Art by Nicholas Yust

The Colorful Metal Art collection by Nicholas Yust is perhaps his most eye-catching gallery. With his background in both metallurgical engineering as well as artistic design, Nicholas has perfected the combinations of size, dimension, colors and design to create a wide variety of works of art with a number of mediums (with an emphasis on metal varieties.) The large, smooth, wave design of Fusion is perhaps Nicholas' most popluar multi panel piece. You will notice the same grind pattern on the green and blue toned Picas wall piece, as well as colored variations of Fusion, such as the Red or the Gold/Green/Amber pieces. That is an example of how Nicholas can take an already impressive grind pattern on a metal panel, and turn it into a colorful display that just leaps off your wall.

Just as the colors can be customized on any of this artwork, so can the panel layout and other details. If you find a piece in our Colorful Single Panel Art Gallery that you would like to see divided into multiple panels, or if you find a piece here in the Multi Panel Artwork that you would like in a different number of panels than the photograph, do not hesitate to Contact Us with your preference. Size, colors, types of metals, you name it - contact us and we can make it happen.

Much of the colorful metal art you see here is considered 'Multi-Canvas' or 'Multi-Panel,' generally ranging from 3-7 panels. That type of art panel layout is also known as Diptych, Triptych, Quadtych, etc.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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