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Metal Clock | Modern Wall Clocks & Clock Art

Large, Abstract Wall Clocks by Modern Metal Sculptor & Artist Nicholas Yust
The large metal wall clocks in this gallery represent an abstract clock making style sometimes referred to as Clock Art. These clocks typically are more abstract in design, although some are very modern and contemporary. Each clock is made from metal, and many are colored in black, white, or any color of the rainbow. Nicholas Yust's metal clock art has been met with much appreciation worldwide, and his large metal wall clocks are a fan favorite. The modern and abstract styles of the clocks tie in perfectly with his other metal wall art, making the metal clock a perfect companion. Please contact us for large or small custom clocks. Bulk discounts apply for large metal clock orders. All abstract metal clocks in this gallery are hand made by Nicholas Yust, and contain a fully functional, battery-powered clock.

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Lineation Copper ClockLineation Copper Clock
Pendulum Vibe ClockPendulum Vibe Clock
Evo ClockEvo Clock
Picas Mod ClockPicas Mod Clock
Lineation ClockLineation Clock
Vera Red ClockVera Red Clock
Vera Teal ClockVera Teal Clock
Capitol ClockCapitol Clock
Blue Trim ClockBlue Trim Clock
Splice Clock PinkSplice Clock Pink
Splice Clock OrangeSplice Clock Orange
Splice Clock GreenSplice Clock Green
Splice Clock BlueSplice Clock Blue
Sutton ClockSutton Clock
Yellow Lava Clock (69% OFF!)Yellow Lava Clock (69% OFF!)
Corrosion Orange ClockCorrosion Orange Clock
Copper Vibe ClockCopper Vibe Clock
Copper Tint Vibe ClockCopper Tint Vibe Clock
Corrosion Colored ClockCorrosion Colored Clock
Corrosion Brown ClockCorrosion Brown Clock
Corrosion Red ClockCorrosion Red Clock
Corrosion Green ClockCorrosion Green Clock
Corrosion Blue ClockCorrosion Blue Clock
Deco ClockDeco Clock
Raspberry/Red Vibe ClockRaspberry/Red Vibe Clock
Blue/Purple Vibe ClockBlue/Purple Vibe Clock
Raspberry Vibe ClockRaspberry Vibe Clock
Red Vibe ClockRed Vibe Clock
Blue Vibe ClockBlue Vibe Clock
Green/Blue Vibe ClockGreen/Blue Vibe Clock
Yellow Vibe ClockYellow Vibe Clock
Apple Green Vibe ClockApple Green Vibe Clock
Green/Yellow Vibe ClockGreen/Yellow Vibe Clock
Cobalt/Emerald/Yellow Vibe ClockCobalt/Emerald/Yellow Vibe Clock
Emerald/Blue/Purple Vibe ClockEmerald/Blue/Purple Vibe Clock
Purple/Cobalt/Blue Vibe ClockPurple/Cobalt/Blue Vibe Clock
Red Modular ClockRed Modular Clock
Blue Luminosity ClockBlue Luminosity Clock
Teal Metal ClockTeal Metal Clock
Yellow Metal ClockYellow Metal Clock
Apple Green/Yellow/Orange Metal ClockApple Green/Yellow/Orange Metal Clock
Brown Metal ClockBrown Metal Clock
Black Metal ClockBlack Metal Clock
Apple Green/Yellow Metal ClockApple Green/Yellow Metal Clock
Green Metal ClockGreen Metal Clock
Orange Metal ClockOrange Metal Clock
Red Metal ClockRed Metal Clock
Silver Metal ClockSilver Metal Clock
White Metal ClockWhite Metal Clock
Blue Metal ClockBlue Metal Clock
Cobalt/Emerald/Yellow Vibe Clock (56% OFF!)Cobalt/Emerald/Yellow Vibe Clock (56% OFF!)

Metal Clocks | Modern & Abstract Wall Clock Art

Modern Metal Clock Art | Large Abstract Clocks (Custom Sizing Available)

All of the abstract and modern wall clocks on Modern Abstract Decor feature the same art work techniques, and subsequently the same artistic appeal, as any of our other large abstract or modern wall art. Nicholas Yust is a master of metal work, and has taken his modern art skills to a new level with his signature Modern Clock Art. Large Clocks: Some of the benefits of our large metal wall clocks include:

  • Hand-Crafted 'Art Clocks': The ultra modern metal wall clocks by Nicholas Yust are often referred to as Art Clocks or Clock Art because the large body and face of the modern clock are hand-crafted by artist Nicholas Yust as both a functional clock and an abstract wall art piece.
  • Fully Functional Abstract Metal Clock: Each modern wall clock we sell is built with fully functional clock parts to ensure that your unique wall clock art also serves as an accurate time piece.
  • Metal Grind Patterns & Modern Clock Designs: Much like his other large abstract wall art, Nicholas Yust's modern wall clocks are given their unique personalities by his hand-applied signature grind patterns. The classy designs and whimsical waves truly justify the 'Art' label given to Nicholas Yust's large modern wall clocks.
  • Unique Cuts & Clock Colors: Many of our modern wall clocks are pure metal, but others feature modern clock color schemes and very modern cuts and organization. Generally simple, uniquely placed metal shapes are fixed together to create a truly impressionistic modern clock piece.
  • Custom Clock Size & Color: We will gladly make any of our abstract metal clocks or large modern wall clocks in a custom size (large or small) or a custom color upon request. The artist is always eager to experiment with new abstract wall clock designs and large ultra-mod concepts, so please do not hesitate to contact us with a custom clock request (large clocks welcomed).

All of our standard-sized modern wall clocks ship for free within the US, UK and Australia. Very large abstract wall clocks may require an shipping fee. Modern Abstract Decor will gladly customize the size (large or small) of your abstract metal clock upon request. Modern Abstract Decor can also match your abstract clock to one of our modern metal wall art pieces that you may have purchased as well. Simply contact us with a custom request and we will match your abstract clock to the metal wall art that you purchased, giving you a truly impressive matching set, with a large modern wall art piece and an abstract metal wall clock in perfect harmony.

Each metal clock is signed & dated for authenticity.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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