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Steel Art | Stainless Steel Wall Artwork

Modern Steel Art Designs | Contemporary Wall Sculpture
Nothing says 'Ultra-Modern Home', 'Contemporary Office' or 'Modern Decor' like stainless steel. Cincinnati metal art sculptor Nicholas Yust is a master of steel and other metals, creating critically-acclaimed modern steel artwork and contemporary metal wall sculptures for clients around the world. Adding a piece of steel wall art to a contemporary home or office brings a fresh new vibe that attracts attention and showcases your modern flair. What makes Nicholas Yust's modern stainless steel artwork so impressive?

  • Decades of experience with stainless steel & metals: A master sculptor of modern steel art work and contemporary wall sculptures.
  • Signature steel grind patterns: Each carefully built steel wall sculpture features a patented hand-ground surface. Since each wall sculpture is hand-crafted, each piece is unique.
  • Contemporary flair and modern design: Our steel wall art leads the metal art industry in contemporary and modern design, thanks to the unique, progressive eye of the artist.
  • Highest quality Stainless Steel & Aluminum: Most of our clients prefer Aluminum art over Stainless Steel art as it typically lasts longer, does not require a protective coating to maintain its appearance, and is more economical than steel. Since an Aluminum and Stainless Steel wall sculpture look virtually identical to the naked eye, typically a modern metal art piece or contemporary wall sculpture will actually be created with Aluminum in place of Stainless Steel. Of course Stainless Steel is an option upon request for any of the modern artwork at Modern Abstract Decor.

Once you have selected your artwork below, simply contact us to request that your new metal artwork be created from stainless steel rather than the default aluminum, and we will provide you with a price quote. Steel artwork is a great option for modern/contemporary style, however we typically suggest aluminum whenever possible.
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Steel Wall Art

Contemporary Steel Art | Modern Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture
All modern metal wall art and sculptures in this gallery are available for purchase in the metal of your choice. All of our modern steel art is carefully sculpted by the contemporary artist Nicholas Yust and can be customized upon request. Visit our Custom Metal Art page to request customizations to your steel artwork. Most of the contemporary wall artwork photographed above was created with a high-quality, industrial grade Aluminum alloy rather than Stainless Steel. We will gladly create any artwork in Stainless Steel upon request, with a price adjustment according to the current cost of steel.

Many art enthusiasts and metalworkers agree that a high quality aluminum is a better choice than steel when it comes to artwork. The artist, Nicholas Yust, loves using aluminum over stainless steel because it can be used both indoors and outdoors without special treatment and is a more practical material than steel. The artist uses only the highest quality metals for his artwork, so whether or not you decide on steel for your sculpture, rest assured that you will receive a breathtaking modern wall sculpture for your contemporary space, hand-crafted by the skilled steel artist and sculptor, Nicholas Yust.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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