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Pure Metal Single Panel Art

Solid Panel Metallic Arwork 

Please note that everything here is fully-customizable.  If you find a design that you like in the multi-panel gallery but would like it in a single panel, or if you would like to modify size, color or materials used in the artwork, simply fill out our Custom Metal Art Request Form to get a price quote. No request is unreasonable, and Nicholas is confident that he can tackle just about any customization imaginable. He frequently creates these single panel sculptures upwards of 10 or 15 feet wide by 4 to 6 feet high, or even as small as 5 by 7 inches. Some limitations could come into play based on availability of single panel metal sheets in particularly large sizes, but it doesn't hurt to ask...

Also, please note that you will see variation in the hue and intensity of the designs as you go from one photograph to another.  Lighting set-up is very important for metal art, so you can actually have some fun with it and dictate how prominent the grind pattern is, whether you want a crisp white reflection or a soft golden two-toned reflection, etc.  We have shared some tips and tricks that work great for illuminating our single panel metal artwork here.

Simply *CLICK* on the images below to view the details of the art work, more images, and the purchasing options. Shipping is currently FREE on most items to the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.
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Single Panel vs Multi Panel Metal Art

Pros and Cons of Solid Panels 

If you are debating between a single panel version of our metallic artwork and a multiple panel version, it really just boils down to personal taste.  From an installation standpoint the single panels are easier to hang, simpler to level, and tend to be sturdier on your wall.  So if you don't have a visual preference between single and multiple panels and want to make your hanging/mounting process easier, then go with the single.  From an aesthetic standpoint, you want to consider the surrounding decor and structure of the room.  Obviously the single panel pieces are rectangular or square with a sturdy and powerful presence.  They have a very obvious geometric shape, which works great in modern settings.  However, if your space is already covered with basic rectangular mirrors, rectangular windows, and rectangular shelves, then it might be effective to break it up a bit with one of our unique multi-panel metal layouts.  However, if your space has circles and abstract shapes and designs already, then a nice solid panel metal art design might be just what is needed to balance all of that out and give some structure to the display.

If you still have trouble deciding between single panel metal art and their multiple panel counterparts, send us a photograph of your space where the artwork will hang and we can superimpose both options into the artwork so you can see both options and make your decision a visual one. 

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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