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Why Buy Art from Modern Abstract Decor?

Large Metal Art | Hanging Wall Sculpture & Large Artwork Decor

ANY of Our Metal Art Decor & Sculptures Can Be Customized to Large Sizes
In our Large Metal Wall Art gallery you will find some of Nicholas Yust's more popular Metal Wall Art & artwork sculpture pieces that are commonly requested in very large sizes. This metal wall art and large artwork decor is generally ordered in these large dimensions to fill large wall voids, such as in public displays, corporate lobbies, or just large living areas in homes. Of course if you would like a metal wall sculpture or a custom size not shown below, please simply fill out our Custom Metal Art request form with the preferred size & detail of the large metal art or sculpture and we will promptly reply with a quote for your artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: One thing to keep in mind while considering a large sculpture or large wall art decor is that the price is based on a cost-per-square-inch basis. This means that the price of the metal wall art will be based on the surface area of the sculpture, not just the height and width independently.
Example: A square sculpture panel measuring 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall has a surface area of 4 feet. If you double the width and double the height of the artwork sculpture, you get 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall, but your surface area does not double, it actually quadruples to 16 feet.

The size of the large decor or large artwork sculpture is not the only pricing factor. One must also consider the complexity of the artwork and the production process of the large artwork decor.

Conduction (Large)Conduction (Large)
Copper Tantalum LargeCopper Tantalum Large
Crystallized LargeCrystallized Large
Fusion (Large)Fusion (Large)
Interdiffusion Copper LargeInterdiffusion Copper Large
Organic Tides (27% OFF!)Organic Tides (27% OFF!)
Polar Encapsulation (Large)Polar Encapsulation (Large)
Protons & ElectronsProtons & ElectronsPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Sphere Morphology (Large)Sphere Morphology (Large)
Tantalum (Large) - 25% OFF!Tantalum (Large) - 25% OFF!
Urban ThicketUrban Thicket

About Our Large Metal Art | Large Artwork Decor & Wall Sculpture Info

Interesting Facts about our Large Metal Art Decor & Wall Sculpture Artwork
Any wall sculpture decor or artwork piece at Modern Abstract Decor can be customized to almost any specifications, whether it be a large size, color, design, style, or metal. Here are some of the features and limitations of Nicholas Yust's large metal wall art and large decor sculptures:
  • Much of our large metal wall art cannot exceed 10 feet in width. Although we do have the large metal and large facilities to make a bigger sculpture, some of the artistic grind patterns applied to the large metal artwork decor or large metal sculpture must be applied in one fluid motion by the artist, from one edge of the artwork to the other. We have found that a 10 foot width is about the maximum distance that the artist can reach while standing stationary in the middle of the metal sculpture.
    • EXCEPTIONS: Our Wall Artwork & Decor CAN exceed 10 feet with a Large Metal Wall Sculpture if...
      • ...the metal wall art sculpture does not require the artist to remain stationary while grinding: The panel layout and grinding options of the large metal art or wall sculpture decor will effect the grinding strategy and determine whether the artist must remain planted.
      • ...the metal wall art sculpture consists of multiple panels with unique grind patterns on each panel, as opposed to a continuous sweep: Some of our large metal art decor has panels with metal grind patterns that are unique on each panel and not continuous. That type of metal sculpture or wall decor can be made very large, larger than 10 feet.
  • Every sculpture in our Large Metal Wall Art gallery will have secure wall mount metal brackets towards the top of the back of each panel, as well as an equally-sized spacer towards the bottom of the back of each panel. This allows the large metal sculpture or large metal wall decor to sit an even distance from the wall.
  • Each large metal wall sculpture and all large metal art decor is created by the artist using strictly monitored high-quality metal to ensure an extremely durable, high quality piece of fine art decor and sculptures.
  • The Large Metal Wall Art & Large Sculpture Decor that you see above is merely a representation of some of our most popular pieces. Feel free to browse through all of our Metal Wall Art to select the right large metal sculpture or large wall decor for you, and simply fill out our Custom Metal Art request form to receive a fast price quote for your custom artwork decor or sculptures.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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