Modern Landscape Art by Nicholas Yust


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"Thanks for providing such a nice selection of metal landscape art... (it) carries more emotion than most paintings ever dreamed of! Love it."
A. Geneve - AZ, USA

Metal Tree Art

Modern/Contemporary Landscape Art Scenes
In addition to the artist's typical modern/contemporary geometric style metal wall paintings, he also has a complete gallery of modern landscape art. Nicholas creates landscape images of trees, lakes, sunsets, clouds, oceans, shrubbery and plants, and does so with a unique modern style and an acute attention to detail as he engraves, cuts and paints these metal trees and landscape scenes into beautiful works of art.

Modern Landscape Art Varieties

How are the Metal Trees & Contemporary Landscape Scenes Created?

  • Engraving - most of the contemporary landscape art in this gallery consists of tree art engraved (by hand) into the surface of the metal.
  • Cutting - some of the modern landscape art in this gallery is created by cutting tree outlines from the metal with a plasma cutter.
  • Painting - a few of the metal tree art or landscape paintings in this gallery actually have components that are painted onto the metal rather than engraved or cut. The artist is a master of painting metal, including trees and landscape designs.

With the crisp, clean edges and the pure metal or painted options, the metal tree art and modern landscape paintings in this gallery make a wonderful addition to any contemporary landscape art collection. A stellar compliment to a modern home or office.
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Barren SeasonBarren Season
Docile Darkness  Docile Darkness
Enriched SeasonsEnriched Seasons
Evergreen TerraceEvergreen Terrace
Fiery AutumnFiery Autumn
Fire LakeFire Lake
Gamma LandscapeGamma Landscape
Hope Against HopeHope Against Hope
Lakeside TerraceLakeside Terrace
Lavish Coast (v1) Metal Tree Wall Art (10% OFF!)Lavish Coast (v1) Metal Tree Wall Art (10% OFF!)
Reaching for SummerReaching for Summer
Seasons LandscapeSeasons Landscape
Thermal EquilibriumThermal EquilibriumPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Warm Landscape CollageWarm Landscape CollageChoose any combination of panels based on size, and Nicholas will customize your display in a combination of copper, bronze and aluminum tree-themed panels. | Click to view diagram.
Winters Terrace  Winters Terrace

Metal Tree Art | Modern Landscape Paintings

The artist's contemporary landscape art and modern tree paintings have been met with much acclaim. Clients across the globe are thrilled with the fine detail and clever designs of Nicholas Yust's metal landscape art and contemporary tree paintings.

It is tough to imagine the skill and precision involved with engraving, cutting or even painting a modern tree representation on metal. The appearance of size, shape and weight with regards to the modern trees and landscape scenes are very difficult to represent on a metal sheet. The texture and balance of the trees is more difficult still. However, with nearly 15 years of experience as a modern metal tree and landscape artist, Nicholas Yust is up to the task.

Artist Skill in Metal Tree & Landscape Art Scenes

In Nicholas Yust's Ultra-Modern Landscape Art collection he incorporates a variety of cutting and grinding skills. His latest additions involve a high-temperature plasma cutter, as seen in the 'Fire Lake' metal tree art. All of the trees, hills, clouds and waters are careful etched by hand by the artist. With many of the modern landscape art pieces you will see innovative ideas, such as a cut out hole with the bright colored sun or moon on a separate metal panel behind it.

Just like all of Nicholas Yust's metal artwork, his Contemporary Landscape Artwork Gallery represents his mastery of metalwork and his careful artistic eye. The intricate cuts, grind patterns and beautiful metal tree and landscape carvings make a breath-taking wall art centerpiece for any contemporary home in search of a bit of classical taste.

If you have a modern tree or contemporary landscape design that you would like custom-built as metal art, please feel free to contact us with the details of your metal tree/landscape art request and we will promptly respond with a price quote.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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