Heat-Tinted & Plasma-Cut Abstract Metal Wall Art


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Heat-Tinted Abstract Metal Wall Art | Natural, Organic Abstract Coloring

Stainless Steel, Brushed Aluminum & Copper | High-Temperature Treated Metal Art

Perhaps the most intriguing of all of Nicholas' artistic techniques is his customized heat-tinting process that he has developed.  Using a variety of ultra-high heat torches and a combination of various metals (usually copper and stainless steel) Nicholas brings out completely natural, organic coloring hidden within the materials.  Through his years of experience (and some inevitable trial-and-error) Nicholas has carefully deducted his formulas to bring out various shades of colors in his sculptures based on the type of torch, the intensity of the heat, and the duration of the torching on each art panel.  As you can see, the resulting metal wall panel features a brilliant display of colors that typically result in an earth-tone scheme with burnt orange, reds, blues, and even purple and maroon. 

This metallic art gallery truly sets itself apart from the others in Nicholas' metal wall art collection as all of the colors are completely natural and organic rather than hand-painted.  It takes a master of metals to fully comprehend and successfully achieve these designs and patterns using nothing more than the metal, a grinder and a torch.  In some of the designs Nicholas also uses a plasma-cutter to cut unique shapes with edges that literally melt away from the intense plasma heat.  This is the newest gallery being offered by Nicholas Yust, with many of these heat-tinting and metal torching techniques being developed in his artistic arsenal just within the last couple of years.
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