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Modern/Contemporary Wall Art on Sale: Discount Metal Artwork | 20-70% Off!

Why Buy Art from Modern Abstract Decor? Modern Art Sale | Metal Wall Artwork, Floor Sculpture & Contemporary Clock Discounts

THIS SALE ART IS NOT PRE-OWNED. In our Modern Art Discount Gallery you will find an ever-changing collection of Nicholas Yust's modern metal wall art & floor sculptures ON SALE at discount/clearance prices. The metal art in this discount gallery is updated frequently, depending upon the artwork that the artist has in stock. You will notice that the pricing of the contemporary artwork on sale is greatly reduced from the retail price. Why do these clocks, wall art panels and floor sculptures sell at such a discount in comparison to the other metal artwork on our website?

  • To Keep Our Metal Art Gallery in Cincinnati Fresh & Current: Most of our discount/sale modern art is a reflection of the inventory the artist has leftover after an art expo. We display this artwork live in our Cincinnati gallery, however we strive to update the in-stock sculptures as frequently as possible so visitors can always see new designs and artistic concepts from Nicholas Yust. In order to encourage the flow of new art through our gallery, we sell these modern metal sculptures at clearance prices.
  • To Showcase Introductory Offers: Some of the metal art, contemporary sculptures & wall clocks on sale here have a discount price as a temporary 'introductory sale price' to release a new artistic concept or design to the general public.

    ...See more reasons and information at the bottom of the page, below the artwork...


    Gallery Sale - Most Items Currently on Display in Cincinnati

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    Sunny Day (60% OFF!)Sunny Day (60% OFF!)
    Corrugated Aluminum Rectangle (76% OFF!)Corrugated Aluminum Rectangle (76% OFF!)
    Corrugated Aluminum Long Rectangle (76% OFF!)Corrugated Aluminum Long Rectangle (76% OFF!)
    Corrugated Square Rusty (76% OFF!)Corrugated Square Rusty (76% OFF!)
    Sherbet Dreams (64% OFF!)Sherbet Dreams (64% OFF!)
    Sky View (66% OFF!)Sky View (66% OFF!)
    Red Liquid Fusion Clock (76% OFF!)Red Liquid Fusion Clock (76% OFF!)
    Green Acrylic Composition (59% OFF!)Green Acrylic Composition (59% OFF!)
    Orange Abstract Landscape (64% OFF)Orange Abstract Landscape (64% OFF)
    Tarpon Composition 2 (71% OFF!)Tarpon Composition 2 (71% OFF!)
    Cobalt/Emerald/Yellow Vibe Clock (56% OFF!)Cobalt/Emerald/Yellow Vibe Clock (56% OFF!)
    Yellow/Orange Vibe Clock (45% OFF!)Yellow/Orange Vibe Clock (45% OFF!)
    Red Vibe Clock (45% OFF)Red Vibe Clock (45% OFF)
    Yellow Vibe Clock (45% OFF!)Yellow Vibe Clock (45% OFF!)
    Blue Orange Lava (74% OFF!)Blue Orange Lava (74% OFF!)
    Green Black Lava (61% OFF!)Green Black Lava (61% OFF!)
    Green Inference (72% OFF!)Green Inference (72% OFF!)
    Tension Brown (65% OFF)Tension Brown (65% OFF)
    Orange Yellow Black Lava (64% OFF!)Orange Yellow Black Lava (64% OFF!)
    Resist (53% OFF!)Resist (53% OFF!)
    Sea Breeze V2 (60% OFF!)Sea Breeze V2 (60% OFF!)
    Arbor Cream Clock (54% OFF!)Arbor Cream Clock (54% OFF!)
    Vitality (54% OFF!)Vitality (54% OFF!)
    San Drift (54% OFF!)San Drift (54% OFF!)
    Trifecta (41% OFF!)Trifecta (41% OFF!)
    3-Panel Rustic Art (59% OFF!)3-Panel Rustic Art (59% OFF!)
    Copper Wave (64% OFF!)Copper Wave (64% OFF!)
    Gold Fever (55% OFF!)Gold Fever (55% OFF!)
    Summer Grid (56% Off!)Summer Grid (56% Off!)
    Flexure (45% OFF!)Flexure (45% OFF!)
    Ebb & Flow (62% OFF!)Ebb & Flow (62% OFF!)
    Vanadium (58% OFF!)Vanadium (58% OFF!)
    Tenuous Single Panel (40% OFF!)Tenuous Single Panel (40% OFF!)
    Tantalum Single Panel (40% OFF!)Tantalum Single Panel (40% OFF!)
    Fusion Single Panel (40% OFF!)Fusion Single Panel (40% OFF!)
    Sphere Morphology (45% OFF!)Sphere Morphology (45% OFF!)
    Throwing Stones (55% OFF!)Throwing Stones (55% OFF!)
    Inter-Diffusion (40% OFF!)Inter-Diffusion (40% OFF!)
    Fusion (40% OFF!)Fusion (40% OFF!)
    Tantalum (40% OFF!)Tantalum (40% OFF!)
    Conduction (40% OFF!)Conduction (40% OFF!)
    Sphere Morphology (40% OFF!)Sphere Morphology (40% OFF!)
    Tenuous (40% OFF!)Tenuous (40% OFF!)
    Electric Fields v2 (40% OFF!)Electric Fields v2 (40% OFF!)
    Satire (38% OFF!)Satire (38% OFF!)
    Waterfall Abstract V2 (64% OFF!)Waterfall Abstract V2 (64% OFF!)
    Bursting Forest (65% OFF!)Bursting Forest (65% OFF!)
    Tantalum (Large) - 25% OFF!Tantalum (Large) - 25% OFF!
    Organic Tides (27% OFF!)Organic Tides (27% OFF!)

    ...information cont'd

    • To Sell Gallery Returns or Adjusted Custom Orders: Some of the modern metal artwork on sale here is from art gallery returns, wall artwork that was never shipped due to lack of payment, or a custom art order that has been re-sized to new dimensions. Rather than store the extra metal artwork in our live gallery, we offer it here at a discount.
    • To Eliminate Damage to the Art in Storage: For a number of reasons, we try not to keep large or irregular shaped metal artwork in stock. This type of contemporary metal art can take up a lot of space, especially after padding and packaging. To move the artwork more quickly, we discount the price substantially (often times over 50%) and place it on our sale page until it is sold. All of our modern metal art work is very fine and detailed, and the likelihood of the artwork getting damaged increases in storage.

    Remember that this discount/sale page is UPDATED FREQUENTLY with new contemporary metal artwork that we have in stock and ready to ship. Our 'Modern Art Sale Gallery' will include a variety of artwork from our other galleries: Pure Metal, Colored Metal, Copper, Floor Sculptures, Contemporary Clocks, etc. Feel free to Subscribe to Our Newsletter or Bookmark Our Page (see button on top left corner) to stay updated as we discount more artwork and new art is featured here on our contemporary art SALE page.

    Metal Artwork for Sale | Discount Contemporary Art

    Discount Metal Wall Art: Contemporary Wall & Floor Artwork
    Hurry and take advantage of the remarkable discount pricing on Nicholas Yust's contemporary metal wall art, floor sculptures & modern wall clocks. Remember that the discount pricing on this metal artwork typically will apply only to the one in-stock item. The discount artwork IS NOT DAMAGED, DEFECTED or PRE-OWNED, however any minor wear would simply be the result of the art having traveled to various art expos . It is safe to say that this contemporary art sale gallery features modern metal artwork and wall clocks in pristine condition. The wall decor and sculptures are just as impressive and high in quality as our full priced metal artwork online throughout the website. Treat your wall to brand new contemporary wall decor at a discount price. Achieve the desired modern look without the typical modern artwork prices.

    If the contemporary artwork on sale is in stock, it will typically ship out within 10-15 days. If you choose a discount modern art piece that is not in stock, then the standard 3-5 week lead time will apply. Some of the contemporary metal artwork here in our discount gallery is on sale, but not necessarily in stock. If you have a deadline that you would like us to meet with regards to your art, please let us know.

    Buy your modern artwork & contemporary wall decor ON SALE now before the opportunity passes!

    Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

    Metal Art & Modern Artwork | Copyright © Modern Crowd, Inc - Alpine, UT