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Contemporary Sculptures | Metal Sculpture Artist

Any contemporary sculpture in our art gallery can be recreated to meet size and color specifications as needed. If you would like to customize your contemporary sculptures, simply fill out our CUSTOM METAL SCULPTURE form with the details of your custom contemporary sculpture and we will promptly respond with an estimate. Typically we can respond with a price quote for your your custom art sculpture within 12 hours. The standard lead time for a customized contemporary steel sculpture from our gallery is approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the availability of metal, pending art for the artist, and the size & detail of your contemporary sculpture request.

Nicholas Yust is an extremely talented artist and is regarded as perhaps the best of the contemporary sculpture artists today. His contemporary sculptures are displayed not only in our online gallery, but in numerous sculpture galleries, public buildings, private art collections, and contemporary displays all over the world. Nicholas can turn virtually any contemporary design or shape you desire into a breath-taking floor standing sculpture, giving you a masterful contemporary accent for your home, office or gallery.

All Contemporary Metal Sculptures from our gallery include a professionally mounted metal or stone sculpture base, as seen in the photographs. The sculpture base is gallery quality and can also be customized by size, weight & materials to match your other contemporary decor or to create a more secure option for public art displays. The artist has various securing methods available if you intend to display your contemporary sculptures in a public setting rather than a gallery, or indoors.
Click the images for sculpture dimensions and details. Each contemporary sculpture below is suitable for both indoor & outdoor placement, as our gallery will treat/coat the metal accordingly.

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A Grasp of PinkA Grasp of Pink
A TransitionA Transition
Aqua MadonnaAqua Madonna
Aviation (actual Jet-Engine parts)Aviation (actual Jet-Engine parts)
Blue AccordionBlue Accordion
Carribean BlueCarribean Blue
Cinabar HelixCinabar Helix
Cobalt SpiralCobalt Spiral
Columnar GrowthColumnar Growth
Dance with Earth and FireDance with Earth and Fire
Divided GreenDivided Green
Divided RedDivided Red
Fire Storm  Fire Storm
Fire storm v2Fire storm v2
Green RibbonGreen Ribbon
Green SeaweedGreen Seaweed
La Blue BalletLa Blue Ballet
Lazy RedLazy Red
Liquid Forest: 1-of-a-KindLiquid Forest: 1-of-a-Kind
Molten TwistMolten Twist
Orange FlamingoOrange Flamingo
Phoenix WingPhoenix Wing
Purple RibbonPurple Ribbon
Question MarkQuestion Mark
Red FlamingoRed Flamingo
Scarlet TrifectaScarlet Trifecta
Sea mistSea mist
Slipping SkySlipping Sky
Spring to AutumnSpring to Autumn
Strawberry TailStrawberry Tail
The SickleThe Sickle
Transitioning PlanesTransitioning Planes
Tres FlameTres Flame
Turquoise SlideTurquoise Slide
Upward ForwardUpward Forward
Water DancingWater Dancing

Metal Art Sculptures | Contemporary Sculpture Artist Gallery

Outdoor Metal Sculptures: Contemporary, Abstract Designs
As noted above, all of our contemporary sculptures are suitable for both indoor & outdoor placement. The artist treats steel art and copper art & sculptures with several layers of a clear coat to protect from the elements. Any of the standard metal sculptures (aluminum) are non-corrosive and do not oxidize, and therefore do not need the clear coat, unless the sculpture is painted. If you intend to display the contemporary sculpture outside, please be sure that the sculpture is on a level surface and/or anchored properly. For open public gallery displays, be sure to secure the sculptures to the ground. We do have options for securing the metal of the contemporary sculpture base to most surfaces. Every contemporary metal sculpture in our art gallery will come mounted on a floor standing, gallery quality base. Marble, granite, and other stone sculpture bases are available upon request (for an additional charge). The sculpture base can also be adjusted in size. We do not use other artists for the base, we use the same metal sculpture artist for all of the work.

Contemporary Sculptures Info: Metal Sculptures from Modern Abstract Decor
There are many things to consider when purchasing a sculpture in metal. By choosing Nicholas Yust you have chosen the highest quality artist among all contemporary artists. With quality sculptures and a world renowned contemporary sculpture gallery, we strive to provide our art clients with all of the information they need in preparation to purchasing a contemporary metal sculpture by our artist or any of the other metal artists. Please keep in mind the following information and suggestions when purchasing an indoor/outdoor contemporary sculpture from Modern Abstract Decor:

  • Due to the curvy, bending techniques that the artist uses to create the contemporary sculptures, the metal strips have a maximum thickness that we can employ. That being the case, we generally cannot go taller than about 6 feet before the weight of the sculpture cannot be supported by the thinner sheets of metal. With larger, sturdy bases we can add another foot or so to that limit. Some artists use different methods with steel & metal sculptures, and if necessary we will consider alternate supportive methods to create a taller metal sculpture (upon request).
  • If you intend to display your contemporary metal sculpture outdoors and you live in a windy area, please let us know and we can reinforce the base mounting. Try to plan your contemporary display entirely, including your method of securing the metal sculpture to the ground. The artist is happy to consider alternative sculpture base options to assist in your efforts.
  • If you live very close to salt water and will display your contemporary art sculpture outdoors, please let us know and we will apply extra layers of the protective clear coat to the paint and/or metal, if applicable. Our contemporary sculptures are commonly displayed at beach-front properties. Our metal sculptures are able to withstand the rain, wind, sand and salt air. Unlike many sculpture artists, Nicholas is a master of engineering and metal work, and his experience with metal has taught him how to create his metal sculpture art to withstand even some extreme weather.
  • Remember that all of our metal art sculptures are completely customizable, so please let us know if you have a special request relating to color, metal type, design, etc. and we will gladly work with the artist to tweak the design accordingly. The artist is never offended by a customization request, so feel free to liberally customize the contemporary sculptures in our gallery.

Contemporary Sculpture Gallery | Metal Art Sculptures by Artist Nicholas Yust

Sculpture in Metal: Contemporary Sculpture Artist & Website Gallery
We always strive to provide outstanding customer service to anyone that visits our metal sculpture website gallery. We have thousands of clients around the world who have chosen Modern Abstract Decor to provide them with an ultra-high quality contemporary sculpture by our metal sculpture artist, Nicholas Yust. With any metal sculpture purchased from our gallery, you will be given a sale price on 100% insured shipping (often times free shipping), the signature of the artist on a metal inset mounted to the sculpture, and lifetime support and access to the artist, when appropriate. Other artists do not maintain contact with their clients, but Nicholas appreciates any client who supports his contemporary sculpture art and will gladly provide support and answers to any questions regarding the contemporary sculptures and metal art purchased from our gallery. We look forward to working with you on any contemporary project in need of a metal sculpture, and we are confident that you will be thrilled with your purchase.

Each Metal Sculpture is Signed & Dated for Authenticity.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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