$1,000 Scholarship Contest for Artistic Students

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Contest Update:

Thank you to all of the applicants for our 2014 scholarship contest - the winner will be announced shortly.  Below are the submission steps for our 2015 Scholarship Contest!

Previous Scholarship Contest Winners

Follow These Steps to Submit:

1) Write Your Plan: Describe in ~500-1000 words your unique plan to turn your artistic passion into a profitable business.  
Hint: simply stating that you will "look for a job in the industry" or "throw my art online and see what happens" will not likely earn you a victory!  It can be difficult to make a good living in this industry, so tell us what you plan to do differently to give yourself an opportunity to stand out and succeed.

2) Create a YouTube (or Vimeo, or other channel) video to introduce your business. 
Hint: doesn't have to be expensive or professionally produced, but creativity is key!  Look at Kickstarter.com for examples of how startups are introducing their products, ideas and inventions.  Create something similar for your artistic business idea. We will rate your submission higher if you make efforts to draw attention to your submission (with Facebook "Likes", Retweets, Bookmarks, etc - go to www.AddThis.com for social sharing tools if they are not already on your website/blog).

3) Stamp of Approval: Copy/Paste the following message as the first line of the description of your YouTube video:

www.ModernAbstractDecor.com and www.NicholasYust.com "Students of the Arts" scholarship contest sumbission!
4) Notify Us: Fill out the form below to officially notify us of your valid submission.  
Hint: Carefully review submission requirements to ensure a complete and comprehensive application.

Student's Name

Email Address

Name of School or University

Submission URL

Enter the full URL where your video is posted online

Attach Your ~500-1000 Word Plan

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Creative Scholarship Opportunity! 
We want to encourage students of any and all creative fields to apply for this scholarship.  Our purpose is not to burden you with limitations, but rather to open up to your creativity and artistic passions.  We hear from very talented artists, writers and photographers from around the world on a regular basis who have no idea how to get proper exposure to their work - our goal is to get the next generation of creative individuals thinking about those things now before they take the plunge into the "real world."  Although not an exhaustive list, we would love to see scholarship applicants from students in the following fields:
  • Painters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Musicians
  • Creative Writers
  • Cartoonists
  • Interior Decorators
  • Sculptors
  • Fashion Designers
  • Architects
  • Film Majors
  • etc.
If you are involved in any of these fields (or have a good argument for us to consider a similar artistic field) please do not hesitate to apply for this scholarship.  Put your creativity to the test, and we'll put one thousand dollars in your pocket.  Apply today!

Terms & Conditions
Eligibility - Any graduating seniors looking to enroll in an arts program, as well as any students currently enrolled (full-time or part-time) in an arts program at a college, trade school or university in the United States of America is eligible for our "Students of the Arts" scholarship, being offered by ModernAbstractDecor.com and NicholasYust.com.  Any applicant must have met all of the requirements outlined above in order to qualify.

Submission Deadline - All submissions must be received by Dec 31st, 2015 in order to qualify for this year's art scholarship.  Submissions received after December 31st may be considered for next year's scholarship, unless the structure or requirements change.  No citizenship requirements apply.

Choosing a Winner - All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by our panel of judges.  Credit will be given based on creativity of the business plan, estimated success of the proposal, perceived enthusiasm for the arts, etc.  The student's effort to actively promote their submission on the website where it is displayed will also be taken into consideration.  Winners will be announced typically within 60 days of the end of the submission deadline.  Upon verification of eligibility, the student will be notified by email of their award.  The student's approved school will then receive a one-time disbursement of $1,000 as a scholarship for the winning student.  The student is responsible to ensure receipt of funds by the school and notify us if such is not the case within 60 days of the announcement. NOTE: In the event that the student's school would prefer to have the award paid directly to the student as award money rather than being paid to the school as a scholarship, we will do so upon request.
ModernAbstractDecor.com and NicholasYust.com reserve the right to terminate this scholarship program at any time without any notice.  If too few submissions are received to be competitive the scholarship committee may reduce the amount of the award, or if the committee feels as though there is not a project that meets the standards of a winning submission, they may not reward the prize at all.  This scholarship program is void where prohibited.
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