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Why Does the Artist Prefer Aluminum..?

This is not an uncommon question, so I felt it would be beneficial to post a recent explanation given to a client debating between aluminum and stainless steel: There tends to be a negative connotation with 'aluminum' as it relates to metal wall art because of the association with aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and other low-grade aluminum products. There is a huge range of quality with any type of metal, and aluminum is no exception. Certain aluminum alloys are so thin and brittle that they can be torn by hand, while others are so sleek and durable that they are used for aircraft and aerospace parts.

That being said, Nicholas' decision to use aluminum for the bulk of his metal art is a very calculated one with many reasons to substantiate it.  Nicholas has a master's degree in metallurgical engineering and prior to creating artwork he  spent years working with aerospace grade metals at the US Air Force and GE Aviation, so he is more familiar with all types of metals than probably any metal artist in the world.  He has done (and when appropriate, still does) sculptures in just about every metal imaginable, including various grades of steel, copper, bronze, brass, all kinds of alloys, and of course, aluminum.  Aluminum is great for unusual bends and cuts (as you see in much of his work) and will not oxidize or rust as steel and copper do.

In Nicholas' own words from a recent interview: “I prefer aluminum,” he says. “It’s more energetic, it’s brighter when it’s ground. Also when you apply transparent pigment on top of it, because it has a more white color to the metals, it gives off brighter tones.”
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Aluminum Wall Art | Brushed Artwork & Wall Sculptures

Brushed Aluminum Artwork | Aluminum Wall Art Sculpture
Each brushed metal wall artwork sculpture that you see below is created from a high quality, industrial grade aluminum panel. The artist uses a wide variety of aluminum grinding techniques in his artwork to create the different surface textures and patterns, such as brushed art versus glossy artwork. The artist can create any of these aluminum wall sculptures in a brushed finish or glossy finish. Do not hesitate to contact us to customize your aluminum wall artwork or aluminum sculpture.

Our brushed aluminum wall art and wall sculptures are highly appreciated by modern, contemporary decorators. Nicholas Yust, our metal sculptor, is a very well-respected artist and a leader in the metal art industry. His modern aluminum wall art can be found all over the world, from classy restaurants to jazzy night clubs, and from contemporary homes to modern businesses. What makes a Nicholas Yust aluminum wall sculpture so impressive?

  • Contemporary flair: Our contemporary aluminum wall art and artwork sculptures shine in the metal art industry thanks to the innovative eye of the artist. Nicholas Yust is a regular artwork award-winner, art expo invitee, and custom art commissioned artist.
  • Hand-Crafted Aluminum Artwork: Each aluminum wall sculpture boasts a patented signature grind pattern by the artist. Since each wall sculpture is built by hand, each piece or art is unique. Our brushed aluminum wall artwork is never imported, each wall art piece and artwork sculpture is created from start to finish in the artist's Cincinnati studio.
  • Over 10 years of experience as an artist specializing in aluminum & metal, creating brushed aluminum sculptures and aluminum wall art.
  • Highest quality Aluminum: Most of our wall art is built from aluminum, but Nicholas Yust is a master of all types of metal. We have a number of items featured in our Copper Wall Art and Steel Art galleries, for example. We have also commissioned a number of brushed Bronze wall sculptures and can customize any wall art or floor sculpture upon request.

Every aluminum metal wall sculpture is available for purchase. All of our brushed aluminum artwork is carefully sculpted by the metal artist Nicholas Yust and can be customized upon request. Visit our Custom Metal Art page to request a custom wall sculpture in aluminum or any other metal.

Contemporary Aluminum Wall Art: Brushed Aluminum Sculptures

Aluminum Artwork | Brushed & Glossy Aluminum Wall Sculpture
Modern Abstract Decor prides itself in providing only the highest quality brushed aluminum wall art, sculptures, and displays. All of the aluminum we use for our sculptures is environmentally safe. Our brushed aluminum sculptures are built by the artist with expert care. Visit our Custom Metal Art page to request custom artwork or sculptures, whether it be a brushed aluminum wall sculpture, glossy metal display, or colored artwork piece. Any aluminum wall sculpture above may be customized by size, metal, color, etc. The term 'brushed aluminum art' refers to the soft, matte finish of the artwork sculpture. Many of the aluminum panels will be manufactured with a brushed finish. To create his brushed aluminum wall art, Nicholas may enhance the matte finish by applying a matte clear coat. The type and angle of the light source can also add to the brushed aluminum effect on your wall art or artwork sculpture.

Thank you for your interest in Nicholas Yust's modern aluminum wall art & aluminum artwork sculptures.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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