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Abstract Artwork | Metal Wall Sculpture Gallery

Wall Abstracts: Designs & Styles differing from our Modern/Contemporary Metal Art Gallery.
Abstract sculpture artist Nicholas Yust is known all over the world for his mastery of metal artwork. You can find his abstract wall sculptures in gallery displays, public areas, and personal collections worldwide. He has an uncanny ability to create abstract artwork that is bold and daring, while still geometrically sound and balanced. He can take an abstract concept and turn it into a classy, eye-catching wall sculpture. Our abstract wall sculpture gallery is filled with abstract metal art that Nicholas has brought to life through a creative eye and experienced hands. We frequently get requests for abstract wall sculpture designs to be customized for night clubs, restaurants, hotels, a gallery, or any room decorated with an abstract flair.

Abstract Metal Art vs Modern/Contemporary
Much of our metal wall art work in our standard wall sculpture gallery would be considered modern or contemporary, but this gallery sets itself apart with truly abstract designs. This type of wall sculpture requires an expressionist attitude from the buyer and really brings out the personality of both the artwork sculptor as well as the purchaser of the sculpture. Bold artwork colors, unpredictable sculpture dimensions, unique art components and abstract cuts come together to make spectacular abstract metal wall art and abstract wall sculptures. Rest assured that every wall sculpture purchased from our art gallery has the unique touch and artistic expression of a global leader in abstract metal art and wall sculpture abstracts.

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Abstract Rusted ArtAbstract Rusted Art
As the Rush ComesAs the Rush Comes
Birth of a StarBirth of a Star
Callisto v2Callisto v2
City WaterscapeCity Waterscape
Conical FractureConical Fracture
Cool StriationsCool Striations
Cosmonation  Cosmonation
EnigmaEnigmaPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can commission a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Flowing MagmaFlowing MagmaPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can create a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Ice Spectrum 1Ice Spectrum 1
Ice Spectrum 2Ice Spectrum 2
Ice Spectrum 3Ice Spectrum 3
Ice Spectrum 4Ice Spectrum 4
Ice Spectrum 5Ice Spectrum 5
Ice Spectrum 6Ice Spectrum 6
Ice StormIce Storm
Night WalkNight WalkPlease Note: The original has been sold, but Nicholas can create a similar piece (same panel layout, grind pattern and general color scheme)
Satire (38% OFF!)Satire (38% OFF!)
Shifting IceShifting Ice
Solar WindSolar Wind
Solar Wind v2Solar Wind v2
Space TimeSpace Time
Urban ModUrban Mod
Waiting on  a FriendWaiting on a Friend

Abstract Metal Wall Art | Wall Sculpture Artwork Gallery

Understanding Nicholas Yust's Abstract Artwork
Why Buy Art from Modern Abstract Decor? It is very difficult to assign a definition to abstract artwork. By its very nature, abstract metal wall art and abstract wall sculptures are unique and unpredictable. The term 'abstract' suggests that the artwork breaks the mold and is different from the norm. It is important to differentiate between our Abstract Artwork Gallery and our Modern Artwork Gallery. Modern artwork is generally more clean, clear-cut and simple, while abstract artwork is typically much louder. Abstract metal art must be very creative and expressionistic. An abstract sculptor must be imaginative, bold and daring. Although it is difficult to define, there are a few consistent components with most abstract metal art and abstract metal sculptures:

Abstract Metal Art: Color Schemes
Bright, vibrant colors are often used to create the artwork in an abstract art gallery. Although this is common (and preferred by our artist), there are many other varieties of metal artwork that would be considered abstract. Some abstract metal sculptors use scrap metal or oxidized metal to create their abstract metal art and produce a much different look than the sleek, reflective finish on much of Nicholas Yust's abstract metal artwork. Nicholas has begun experimenting with several new abstract art styles that you can see in this gallery, including a heat-tint process and a plasma-cutting process. Both of these techniques give the wall sculpture a lot of character and natural beauty.

Abstract Metal Art: Grind Patterns
One key component of our gallery of abstract metal wall art that truly separates our artwork from that of other abstract metal galleries is the grind pattern. Nicholas Yust has developed and patented numerous metal grinding techniques and artwork patterns that are applied to the surface of the art to create the artistic designs and abstract textures that you see throughout this gallery. These abstract grind patterns are applied by hand to the artwork by the artist on each and every wall sculpture. He does not use mass production or machinery to create his artwork, so every wall sculpture that you buy from us has the artist's personal touch (and signature). His carefully trained eye and experienced hand create consistent, flowing grinds that represent both his abstract and his modern/contemporary artistic skill.

Components of the Abstracts
Another aspect of this wall art gallery that makes the artwork more abstract is the choice of material and components. You will notice that many of the abstract metal wall art pieces in our abstract metal art gallery use metal pieces that go beyond the standard sheet metal used for most of our other artwork. You will find aluminum tubes, stainless steel grates, metal gears, wire strands, etc.

Cutting Abstract Designs
Lastly, our abstract metal sculptor uses unique cutting methods and patterns to create the unpredictable edges, sharp angles, and various layers that compose each wall sculpture in our art work gallery. These cuts are difficult to make, but come together to create your beautiful, unique, one of a kind, handmade, abstract wall artwork or metal wall sculpture by world-renowned sculptor Nicholas Yust. His background in engineering and metal work have given him the expert touch needed for the consistency and precision of the wall artwork in our abstract metal art gallery.

Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

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