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Hand-Crafted Metallic Art by Nicholas Yust | Where Modern & Industrial Collide...

Metal Artwork, Sculptures, Clocks, Decor & Custom Work - 100% Insured, Certified Shipping

The Ultimate "Wow" Factor...

Metal Wall Art, Crafted by Modern Artist Nicholas Yust

Most of our clients come to us looking for "the one" - the piece of artwork that is going to define their space.  The wall display that will turn heads and make a bold statement.  They cannot always describe it with words, but they are actively engaged in a search for something artistic, convinced that they will "know it when they see it."  Fortunately this tends to be their last stop...
Nicholas' modern metal artwork demonstrates the industrial presence of solid structure and durability (inherent with works of metal) while capturing the brilliant essence of contemporary art with his delicate, variable grind patterns, unique panel layouts, and spectacular hand-mixed acrylic paint colors.  His grind patterns are created using high-powered, hand-held grinders and a variety of grits and textures.  Only after a lifetime of passion and over a decade of around-the-clock work can one master the designs and finishes that Nicholas has in his artwork.  The photographs are a great indication of this, however to see it in person is another story entirely - his work always exceeds expectations.  
If you are truly looking for the "WOW" factor in any modern or contemporary home or office, look no further, and prepared to be wowed...
Note:  All of our metalwork is signed & dated by the artist for authenticity

Custom Size, Color or Design?  No Problem.

Any of our artwork can be recreated to meet size and color specifications upon request.  Visit our Custom Metal Art page and fill out the form with the details of your request and we will promptly respond with an estimate.  Whether you would like to tweak one of the artist's existing pieces or you have an idea for your own design, we are happy to work with you.  We work regularly with large corporations as well as individuals, so please do not hesitate to contact us with requests for any custom wall panels, floor sculptures, clocks, vases, random home decor, and even metallic signs and company logo displays.

Why Choose Nicholas Yust & for Your Modern Metal Wall Art..?


  • Hand-Crafted:  All of our metallic wall panels, sculptures, and home/office decor is hand-crafted in the USA by modern artist and sculptor Nicholas Yust.  We are his exclusive representative and manage all of his online galleries and artwork sales channels. 

    Why Buy Art from Modern Abstract Decor?
  • Experience:  The artist has over a decade of experience as a metal artist, creating breath-taking modern metal wall art and metallic decor; specializing in Aluminum Art, Stainless Steel Art and Copper Art - while also working with Brass, Bronze and various coloring techniques as well.
  • Design & Quality:  His metalwork emphasizes a unique modern design, signature metal grind patterns, and exceptional quality.

  • Free Samples:  We offer Sample Art Pieces for our clients to view how the actual finished metal artwork will appear, before committing to a purchase.  This allows the customer to handle the art and view the exceptional quality of the artist's work - and based on our track record, nearly 100% of those who order a sample end up ordering the full artwork.

  • International Prestige:  Nicholas Yust's metal wall art, home decor and free-standing sculptures has been sold in over 40 countries worldwide, including Britain, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Japan, China, Puerto Rico, the United States, and even the Middle East.  Modern artwork connoisseur's from around the globe appreciate the precision and emotion that goes into every piece of metalwork that the artist creates.

  • Customizable:  Any of our designs can be built large or small, depending upon your needs. We can comfortably create metal wall pieces 12 feet wide (and wider in most cases) and free-standing metal sculptures up to 6 or 7 feet tall. In some cases we can enlarge the pieces even more, depending on the design specifications, structural options, and the metal used to create it.

  • With EVERY ORDER of our Modern Metal Artwork We Offer:

  • Outstanding customer service through our gallery representatives to answer all questions about your new handmade metalwork.  Put us to the test!

  • Packaging and Shipping of your wall art or standing sculpture with extreme care by our professional art gallery staff.  If it is wall art, each panel is wrapped and padded individually, and all floor sculptures and tabletop metal decor are wrapped snug and secure.  In addition, all of our metal art is shipped 100% insured.

  • FREE SHIPPING on all standard-sized metal art work, and free or reduced shipping on most pieces for international orders.   We work hard to keep our clients happy, and offering free shipping on our metal artwork is just one way we say 'Thank You.'

  • 100% Secure Online Payment Processing - All credit card transactions are processed via 128-bit Encryption Key over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) providing the highest level of Security. Purchase your metal decor with confidence, knowing that your personal information is safe. We also accept checks, ACH and money orders upon request.

  • Modern Metal Wall Art: FUSION

    View the Artists' Most Popular Gallery: Pure Metal Art by Nicholas Yust.

    Featuring the Modern Metal Art & Wall Decor of Nicholas Yust:

    Nicholas Yust has created a wide variety of modern artwork, some of which is intended for wall displays and some as free-standing decor.  His artistic metal resume includes  Custom Metal Artwork Pieces, Lobby Artwork for Corporate Offices, Modern Decor for Hotels, Abstract Metal Art for Restaurants & Night Clubs, Modern Metal Art for Homes & Personal Collections, and the list goes on. Metal Artist - Nicholas YustNicholas is a talented metalworker and a perfectionist as an artist.  In terms of designs and structures his potential is virtually limitless, and he frequently incorporates wood, acrylic, and other materials in addition to his standard metals. He is quoted as saying, "If you can dream it, I can probably build it..."  So put his artistic and metallurgical talent to the test - secure your order online or on the phone today.

    If you are still window-shopping or looking for design ideas, begin by perusing through Nicholas Yust's most popular metal art galleries, including: Pure Metal ArtColored Metal ArtModern Landscape Art, Modern Copper Wall Art, and Contemporary Metal Sculptures.  Always keep in mind that the colors, shapes, sizes and materials are all customizable, so if you are looking for something with more earth tones, more warm tones, more structural variety, three-dimensionality, rounder, western-style, etc - whatever your artistic style, taste or need may be, we (and Nicholas Yust himself) are here at your service, with flawless metallic art and home decor backed by unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship.

    Some Helpful Information about our Metal Decor & Metallic Wall Art
    Artwork Details | Product Information | Packaging Details | Cleaning Instructions

    Nicholas Yust creates his metal wall art and decor through a careful process of selecting, cutting, grinding, polishing, painting (if applicable), and clear-coating various types of metal. Only the highest quality, environmentally safe alloys are chosen for his metalwork - both wall decor and free-standing designs (read more on our Metal Art Info page and our Metal Art FAQs pages). Our modern art can be ordered in virtually any size to meet your details and specifications, with the ability to style-match or color-match the surrounding furniture and decor in your home or office. 

    Professional-grade shears and cutters are used to size the metal panels as needed for your sculpture, whether it be a single or multi-panel display.  The artist then applies his signature grinding patterns and artistic designs to the surface of the metal.  The metal strips, panels or structures are then polished and prepared for painting and clear-coating.  Nicholas has experimented for years (and continues to experiment today) on various techniques for coloring and painting metal. His artistry and expertise is evident in every piece in his gallery. The painting and finishing process of his artwork is similar to that of an automobile. In fact, the protective coating used on Nicholas Yust’s modern metal wall art work and free-standing sculptures is the very same finish used on Lexus automobiles.  For more information, see his complete artistic process here.

    All of this allows Nicholas Yust and Modern Abstract Decor to confidently guarantee the finish and metallic shine of your modern artwork and metal decor.

    Please CONTACT US with any questions or comments about our metal art.

    Metal Art & Modern Artwork | Copyright © Modern Crowd, Inc - Alpine, UT
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